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Find out how Checkr builds a fairer future by improving understanding of the past.
Find out how Checkr builds a fairer future by improving understanding of the past.
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At ClearCompany, we partner with industry-leading software providers who share a mutual dedication to providing you with the knowledge you need to create best-in-class talent strategies at your company. 

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10 Steps to Reduce Bias & Increase Fairness in the Hiring Process

Human bias is not something HR & TA leaders can eliminate. Even after implementing changes to hiring processes, individuals can still prevent companies from meeting optimal candidate - because of their own biases.

Watch the video brought to you by Checkr and Circa for expertise in:

  • How to interview for skills and attributes instead of experience
  • Ways to reduce affinity bias
  • Ways to source diverse candidates
  • And more!

Untapped Talent: Building a Fair Chance Hiring Plan

It’s up to the leaders in the HR and Talent space to enact positive change by giving everyone a fair and balanced chance to succeed.

Watch the video brought to you by Checkr for an in-depth discussion on:

  • Fair Chance Hiring basics and practices
  • How you can build out your Fair Chance Hiring plan
  • Steps for implementing your plan
  • Advice on how to support your fair chance hires

Building an A+ Candidate Experience

Learn from a panel of experts at Checkr and ClearCompany about how to build an exceptional candidate experience.

Chris, Brian, Yuchi, and Sarah cover:

  • How to make the application and pre-screening process both fair and effective
  • Ways to structure interview cycles to keep candidates engaged
  • Tactics for ensuring hiring managers are communicating well with candidates
  • How to provide candidates feedback (both positive and negative)
  • Keeping candidates engaged between offer letter and start date

Put Your Employees First: How to Promote Employee Wellness

According to The Predictive Index 2019 Employee Engagement report, the No. 4 driver of engagement is the belief that the company invests in its people as much as it invests in its business goals. Join ClearCompany and The Predictive Index to learn how to invest in your employees through building a wellness program. Hannah Sachs, People Operations Coordinator at PI will share how she created a successful wellness program for her colleagues.

The Talent You Need Is Already Employed. Now What?

It may feel like an uphill battle to attract the talent you so desperately need when they are already happily employed (...and it is!). In today’s hyper-competitive employment market, it’s not only a challenge to find the right people to fill your critical roles, but also to land them quickly and efficiently to keep the business humming.

On top of that, 75% of the workforce already has a job. Passive candidates are rich in experience and highly skilled in areas of expertise and will most likely be your next hire – if you have a strategy in place to snag them. To avoid costly hiring errors and land the right person at the start, a solid talent acquisition strategy is imperative. In this session, we will share from experience ways to tailor your talent acquisition strategy for the current hiring reality.

Webcast Highlights:

  • Avoiding costly pitfalls – Hire the best and do it fast
  • Crushing the competition - Acquire the right talent
  • True data points surrounding spend and performance - Track and gain insight
  • Key to strategic recruiting success – Driving value and business impact

Background Screening Improves Quality of Hire

Screen Better.
Hire Faster.

This webinar will highlight best practices for background screening through Verified First and show exactly how easy it is to screen candidates.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Why your organization needs to run background checks on staff
  • What can happen when background checks aren’t properly run
  • How the partnership saves time, requires less paperwork, and simplifies the process

2021 HR Outlook: Three Trends to Watch

With 2021 right around the corner, those of us in HR may need to brace for even more change. As digitization and globalization have spread, the way we hire and onboard has drastically changed. In fact, consumer companies have conditioned the world to expect instant results — whether that’s a video on your phone in one click, a rideshare at your door in five minutes, or a red dress delivered to your mailbox in two days.

As we prepare our HR teams for more change, join ClearCompany partner Checkr as we dive into three HR trends to watch for in 2021. Scott Jennings and Chris Johnson who lead Industry Strategy at Checkr will offer insights into what it will take to hire efficiently in 2021.

HR and Operations leaders should join this webinar as we cover three unique hiring trends:

  • The Rise of Sign-Up Culture
  • Changing Candidate Expectations
  • Scaling an Agile Workforce

You will also hear from Checkr’s Strategic Partner Manager for ClearCompany and Checkr’s Senior Partner Product Marketing Manager about how Checkr works seamlessly alongside ClearCompany.

Powerful Recruitment Advertising from JobTarget

Join JobTarget’s Chief Revenue Officer to learn about the powerful recruitment advertising tools that can be unlocked within ClearCompany by enabling JobTarget’s enterprise platform. During this session, we will provide an overview covering Programmatic Advertising, Ecommerce Marketplace, OFCCP Compliance, Pay Per Hire, Media Service, and the automation and job routing features available.

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