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Ensure your HR, finance, and business leaders effectively forecast, plan, and collaborate on staffing needs and budgets. Easily build and share staffing scenarios and facilitate decision-making with centralized, interactive workforce planning software.

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Effective workforce planning is hard. Here’s why:

Enormous datasets and variables

Shifting business needs and the large variety of jobs within a company make it difficult to get staffing plans right with manual processes. Talent forecasts and hiring priorities developed at a point in time quickly become obsolete.

Rapid employee movement continues

In 2022, 44% of Americans planned to change jobs in the next 12 months. Voluntary quits and time to fill have increased. Top talent has choices. Many companies cite understaffing or staffing fluctuations as the cause of missed business goals. (Willis Towers Watson 2022)

Teams often aren’t aligned and operate in silos

Annual financial plans aren’t built for headcount planning, and often prevent companies from adjusting talent needs and hiring plans properly over time. Talent shortages and reactive hiring becomes the norm. Only 28% of HR and finance teams use shared software and headcount forecasting tools to support visibility and coordination between departments. (HR Executive 2019)

Get all stakeholders on the same page with ClearCompany Workforce Planning

  • Centralize headcount forecasting, staffing scenarios, and budget inputs in one common system that integrates with your payroll or HRIS system in real time.
  • Enable agile, collaborative, and rapid organizational and headcount planning.
  • Help teams take action and make faster, data-informed people decisions.

Create staffing and budget plans with easy-to-use modeling tools

  • Quickly change assumptions and adjust workforce variables.
  • Visualize the implications of employee movement, match that to your desired staffing plans, and identify hiring needs.
  • Easily toggle between staffing and budget scenarios to see timing and cost implications.
  • Share scenarios virtually to facilitate cross-functional collaboration and real-time input.

One powerful, centralized tool to support staffing decisions

Use ClearCompany Workforce Planning software to facilitate the development of strategic people-based plans aligned with business needs.


  • Rapid Forecasting by Role
  • Finance, HR, and Cross-Functional Alignment
  • Operational Coordination
  • Headcount Decisions and Hiring Timing
  • Financial and Budget Accuracy and Payroll Implications
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