Build a more diverse and inclusive culture

Attract and retain a diverse pool of candidates by supporting bias-free hiring and performance management practices while consistently tracking Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) metrics with help from ClearCompany.

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A priority for you, your candidates, and employees

There are proven links between diversity, employee engagement, innovation, and business performance. Meanwhile, top talent won’t apply, accept a position, or stay at a company that doesn’t have a meaningful and proactive DEIB strategy. Your commitment to DEIB will be used as a key measuring stick for evaluating your company and work environment.

An authentic commitment. Demonstrated progress.

Candidates and employees expect transparency and companies need to demonstrate they are committed to DEIB with programming and metrics that proactively measure and advance progress. Unfortunately, most employers and HR managers lack confidence in their internal strategies and training. ClearCompany provides your organization with tools to foster diversity and inclusion in your organization.

Empower real change with Change Cadet

Change Cadet is a leading organizational development consulting firm that offers a broad array of services including executive coaching, strategic planning, workshops, and training to cultivate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace.

Change Cadet has partnered with ClearCompany to offer Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging surveys and reporting. Engage Change Cadet to interpret your employee survey results, act on employee sentiments and feedback, and strengthen your DEIB strategy and results.

ClearCompany and Change Cadet
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A platform that helps you execute your commitment to DEIB

ClearCompany partners with Change Cadet to provide an overarching philosophy and integrated software tools to help companies evolve into more diverse and inclusive organizations.

Recruit a more diverse pool of candidates

Connect with a wider audience

We offer a wide range of job boards and virtual recruiting tools to help companies get their job requisitions in front of more candidates.

Find more diverse candidates

Use our best practices and training resources to craft inclusive job descriptions and eliminate bias in your hiring processes.

Objective, job-specific interviewing

Ensure all candidates are measured against the same criteria and eliminate the risk of bias with job-based interview guides, standardized questions, and scorecard consistency.

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Build a positive, inclusive culture together

Implement an active employee listening strategy

We offer a pre-built DEIB survey provided by Change Cadet, as well as engagement and culture surveys to support workplace inclusivity.

Change Cadet/ClearCompany partnership

Take advantage of Change Cadet’s DEIB expertise, survey insights, and consulting services to build a better DEIB strategy for your organization.

Employee social recognition

Inspire teamwork, collaboration, and appreciation across your organization with our fun, user-friendly peer-to-peer recognition suite.

See Employee Engagement

Build a framework for fair, effective performance reviews

Best practices and templates to guide you

Reduce the risk of bias with a consistent review experience and standardized evaluation criteria for all employees in the same role.

360-degree reviews

Easily capture and synthesize peer feedback, creating a complete picture of employee performance that takes a variety of perspectives into account.

An employee-first approach to performance reviews

Focus your review process on employee growth and coaching instead of evaluation and ranking.

See Performance Management

Analytics to help you understand and act on DEIB trends and progress

Pre-built reports and surveys track employee demographics and sentiments

Our payroll/HRIS integrations enable ClearCompany to report on DEIB metrics and trends. Our pre-built reports provide DEIB insights:

  • Pay Equity
  • Grow, Flow and Turnover Dynamics
  • Gender, Race and Ethnicity Trends by Department
  • DEIB Org-Level Demographic Dashboards
  • Headcount Intelligence
  • DEIB Survey Analytics
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Clear cases of success

Housing Authority of Snohomish County (HASCO)

HASCO needed a complete solution for recruiting, onboarding, and performance management, plus a seamless integration with their payroll provider — and ClearCompany was the answer.

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The Towbes Group

The Towbes Group needed to retain, engage, and develop remote employees in a competitive market. Using ClearCompany’s industry-leading tools, the property management company was able to create an efficient, all-online performance process.

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