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Simplify HR processes and eliminate manual tasks while saving time and money with ClearCompany’s AI HR automation tools. Speed up workflows, increase efficiency, and regain valuable hours better spent focusing on your people.

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HR teams need automation and AI to meet high expectations

Administrative tasks are costing HR

HR spending on administrative tasks has increased 25% to nearly $200 per employee, and businesses can spend as many as 30 hours per month hiring just one employee. Use AI-enhanced HR automation tools to take care of routine tasks, save time, and bring costs down.

AI tools are a must for strategic HR teams

HR is ripe for AI transformation, and leaders feel a sense of urgency to adopt AI to increase organizational efficiency and stay competitive. 38% of HR leaders have explored or implemented AI solutions within their organizations, and 76% feel they’ll fall behind the competition if they haven’t implemented AI tools by 2025.

Employees and candidates expect modern HR processes

Candidates expect smooth recruiting processes, turnkey job applications, personalized, prompt communications, and chatbot assistance. Employees want to complete performance reviews, employee surveys, and HR tasks online or on their phones. Automation and AI help HR and recruiters deliver.

AI and automation are game changers for recruiters and HR

HR teams can spend more time finding, retaining, and upskilling top talent when they effectively leverage HR automation and AI assistance to complete repetitive tasks.

ClearCompany AI, automation, templates,  and best practices equip your HR team for success in today’s talent management landscape.

  • Use our AI-powered sourcing engine to instantly identify highly qualified prospective candidates for any role.
  • Update multiple job board posts from one central location. Leverage AI to create job descriptions and candidate communications in record time.
  • Convert job seekers and passive talent to applicants without recruiter contact using AI chatbots, campaign automation, and Text-to-Apply.
  • Use AI to generate personalized communications for candidates and employees. Design and automate text and email drip campaigns to scale outreach.
  • Draft and send welcoming and accurate offer letters in seconds.


  • COMPLIANCE: We abide by all applicable regulations and ensure that our customers can as well.
  • SECURITY: We safeguard our AI models with robust measures to guard against unauthorized access and influence.
  • PRIVACY: We employ data science best practices to provide customer insights while securing differential privacy for their stakeholders.
  • COMPASSION: We actively enable diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) through the thoughtful design, testing, and monitoring of our AI tools.
  • PURPOSE: We create AI systems to augment human capabilities to assist (not replace) the HR professional in making talent decisions.

Deploy HR automation and AI tools to simplify workflows and communications and save time

ClearCompany offers state-of-the-art software, powerful integrations, and AI assistance throughout the platform to help lean and busy HR and recruiting teams streamline tasks and maximize efficiency.

Amplify your productivity with AI assistance.

AI Assistance for Content Generation

Use AI to draft effective, personalized candidate and employee communications in seconds, including job descriptions, email and text messages, offer letters, and more.

AI Candidate Matching and Sourcing

Use AI to effectively source passive talent and prioritize candidates based on how well their skills and experience match the needs of the job. Eliminate hours of manual sourcing and resume screening. AI helps you quickly identify the most relevant qualifications to help you determine who to pursue first.

AI Transcriptions and Summaries

Stop taking notes during interviews, 1:1s, team meetings, and performance discussions. Let AI do this for you so you can focus on the conversation. Our AI tools can also summarize key points and action items in seconds.

AI and Automation - Frame 5A - AI Assistance Everywhere mockup

Automate administrative hiring tasks so you can focus on finding and engaging top talent.

Nurture and Convert Top Talent

Automate outreach and nurture high-potential talent with ClearCompany’s sourcing engine, drip campaigns, and recruitment marketing tools.

Engage Career Site Visitors

Enlist our career site AI chatbot to greet and assist visitors. Let the chatbot help job seekers find jobs that match their skills, initiate applications, and schedule interviews with qualified applicants on your behalf.

Simplify Outreach and Interview Scheduling

Use AI to draft compelling recruiting communications. Design text and email campaigns to reach and nurture multiple recipients. Speed up the interview process with calendar integrations and self-service interview scheduling. Generate job-specific interview packets and confirmations in minutes.

Recruit Virtually With Ease

Conduct video interviews to speed up your process and recruit remote applicants. We are the first ATS to support video interviews with multiple participants and integrate with every major video conferencing provider.

See Applicant Tracking System

Strengthen your HR tech stack with our integrations marketplace.

Payroll Integrations

Add new hires to your payroll and HRIS systems automatically. We seamlessly integrate with every major payroll and HRIS provider. Our bi-directional payroll integrations keep all essential employee data fields up to date in real time. See Payroll Integrations >

Compensation Benchmarking Integration

Demonstrate transparency and establish pay consistency and equity with confidence using market-level salary data validated by ClearCompany.

Data Integrations

We maintain client HR data in Snowflake and provide secure paths and robust analytics to access and understand it. ClearCompany’s Data Lake for BI Reporting enables client BI teams and data analysts to build complex reports in-house. Learn about Reporting & Analytics >

LinkedIn and Recruiting Integrations

We were the first ATS to integrate with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect for sourcing and LinkedIn Apply Connect for fast applicant generation. We also offer integrations for assessment tests, background checks, job boards, and more to upgrade your recruiting toolkit and save time.

Rely on ClearCompany software to efficiently manage your employee initiatives.

Performance Review Cycles

We offer express setup, cycle delivery and management tools, and pre-built performance review templates so you can launch review cycles quickly, track cycle progress, and easily generate maximum participation. Leverage AI for note-taking and summarizing performance discussions.

Employee Recognition Programs

Empower coworkers and managers to quickly send Shout Outs of appreciation and congratulations to individuals and teams right from our platform. Our employee recognition software increases recognition frequency and builds culture virtually.

Employee Surveys

Build an ongoing employee listening strategy and launch surveys in minutes with technology and survey templates that make it easy to gather, track, and synthesize employee feedback.

Goal-Setting and Feedback Loops

Use ClearCompany’s suite of user-friendly goal planning, feedback, and 1-on-1 software tools to plan and prioritize goals, promote employee-manager alignment, and provide frequent opportunities for ongoing feedback and coaching.

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