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Engage your new hires with a great onboarding experience

Welcome — and impress — your new team members and simplify employee onboarding with a user-friendly virtual experience. Ensure all onboarding tasks are completed in advance so new hires can hit the ground running on day one.

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Streamline onboarding for everyone

Create a smooth onboarding experience for your new employees and make it easy for your hiring managers, HR, and IT to ensure compliance and complete all internal new hire setup tasks. Use ClearCompany’s virtual onboarding software and automation tools to simplify the process, support remote new employees, and get new hire onboarding right every time.

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Offer the warmest welcome

Build new hire trust and maximize their excitement about joining your company with an easy paperless onboarding experience.

Send new hires attractive and complete onboarding packets virtually within minutes of offer acceptance. Share welcome messages and videos from teammates, managers, and leadership. Let new employees complete onboarding tasks and sign forms electronically.

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Modernize your onboarding process

ClearCompany improves, scales, and automates your onboarding processes and simplifies compliance. Quickly generate and send digital onboarding packets and forms that can be completed electronically. Enable e-signature approvals and track task completion virtually. Easily customize onboarding packets for new hires with appropriate forms, documentation, and tax withholding information based on their location and role. Automate internal task assignments to keep onboarding on track.

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Proactively manage compliance and risk

Increase HR peace of mind by managing compliance, employment eligibility, background checks, and direct deposit electronically. Initiate background checks through ClearCompany without leaving the platform. Add new hires to your HR records seamlessly and virtually store their I-9s, W-4s, tax forms, and more in the cloud. Rely on our automated, behind-the-scenes administrative onboarding tools to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and save HR time.

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Add new hires to payroll in seconds

Eliminate the need for HR to manually set up new hires in your payroll system. ClearCompany’s seamless integrations with all the leading payroll providers and HRIS systems makes adding new hires to payroll a cinch. Our platform ensures first paychecks are accurate and delivered to new hires on time.

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Automate background checks to increase hiring efficiency

Background Checks by ClearCompany is a full-service background check provider, offering low-cost, comprehensive screening in 180 countries right from our platform.

We provide you with the industry-leading screening tools you need to hire with confidence. Instantly initiate standard background checks from within your hiring process or create a customized package electronically. Then, receive screening results faster, with no credit card or annual contract required.

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Key Features of Onboarding Software

Automated Workflows: Save HR time by automating task notifications, welcome packet creation, and more.
Self-Service Portal: Empower new hires to start their onboarding journey and get familiar with company culture while taking some of the burden off of HR with an employee self-service portal.
Compliance and Risk Management: Quickly verify employment eligibility with built-in I-9 processing and E-Verify, and store candidate documentation digitally to ensure compliance.
Background Checks: Automatically complete built-in background checks without re-entering candidate information.
Onboarding Checklist: Build a complete new hire onboarding checklist to ensure your team completes all necessary and supplemental tasks.
New Hire Reviews: Evaluate new employees’ performance at 30, 60, or 90 days of employment to answer questions and ensure they’re on track and prepared to take on their new roles.
Employee Feedback: Gather feedback on your candidate experience and onboarding program from new hires as soon as they complete those processes. Their insight helps your team continuously improve, shining a light on where to reduce bottlenecks and refine strategies.
Excellent User Experience: Great onboarding software is intuitive and easy to use for candidates, HR teams, and other employees involved in the onboarding process.

Experience ClearCompany’s Award-Winning Onboarding Software

ClearCompany is the most consistently awarded full-platform HRM solution.

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ClearCompany is the best Applicant Tracking System and Onboarding software. It is very customizable, the fillable PDF feature in the Onboarding module is very intuitive, and the customer support is amazing. I can always rely on my account executive to be available and answer any questions I may have. During implementation or upgrades, our account representative is always providing us with updates and keeping us involved in every step of the process.

Virginia Gregory, Human Resources Coordinator

Answer Financial

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The ATS is easy to use. Creating requisitions is super easy. You can create templates to save time. The video interviewing feature is great! No third-party video interview vendors are needed. The onboarding process is super easy. New hires have expressed that their experience has been very easy and they would recommend their friends to apply with us.

Neydas Urias, Talent Acquisition Manager

Legend Management Group

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ClearCompany’s ongoing commitment to enhancing their systems and also ensuring their clients’ success is what makes them a fantastic business partner for us. The Onboarding platform has allowed us to present ourselves to new hires in a much more professional way while also increasing our efficiency by moving to an electronic process.

David Jones, Vice President of Human Resources

The Community Builders Inc.

Employee Onboarding Software FAQ

How long does onboarding new employees take?

The average length of an employee onboarding plan is 90 days. However, for some roles, it can take six to twelve months for new hires to reach full productivity. Other positions may only need a few weeks of onboarding before they take on all the responsibilities of their new roles.

As much as 20% of turnover happens in the first 45 days, making onboarding a critical time for engaging with new employees. Ensure onboarding lasts long enough for new hires to get familiar with their role, the company culture, and their team.

How can employees complete digital onboarding?

New hires can complete essential onboarding tasks virtually with ClearCompany’s Onboarding Platform. Paperless onboarding software allows new employees to view their onboarding packet, meet their team, and complete required paperwork from any device. Create a smooth employee onboarding process with intelligent forms, e-signatures, and other features developed to enhance the employee experience.

What are the benefits of onboarding software for HR teams?

Onboarding software helps your HR team achieve its two-part mission of setting employees up for success while maintaining compliance and employee information. By using an onboarding solution, HR teams can streamline tasks, from automating compliance and background checks to creating onboarding packets and bulk onboarding new hire classes. During the onboarding process, HR and IT teams can initiate device and equipment provisioning to new hires directly from the software system. Additionally, new hire onboarding tasks and critical internal tasks can be tracked, recorded, and stored in the cloud for compliance.

What is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software enables HR teams to streamline new hire onboarding workflows and focus on helping new employees settle into their roles and get familiar with company culture. Onboarding solutions digitize what were previously paper-based, manual processes to save time and lay a strong foundation for an excellent employee experience.

Onboarding software offers tools for seamlessly bringing new employees into your company, including built-in background checks and employment verification tools, bulk onboarding, digital welcome packets, and new hire performance reviews. Self-service portals enable new hires to start their onboarding process even before their first day. They can sign documents online and access materials like the employee handbook, benefits information, and team member introductions.

With software, your team can design a structured onboarding program that fosters better employee retention, especially among new hires, where turnover rates are much higher. Done well, onboarding can increase retention by up to 82%.

What does onboarding software do?

Onboarding software enables companies to facilitate a smooth transition as candidates become new hires. An onboarding system helps managers and leadership address the needs and concerns of their new hires and alleviates much of the administrative burden on HR or managers by digitizing and automating processes.

Using software also standardizes onboarding, which means your new hire introductions are consistent and appropriate for the role. It assists with compliance, ensuring you don’t lose or misfile important new hire information. And it helps everything get done faster, from employment verification and background checks to team introductions and training.

Top employee onboarding software features a digital dashboard that allows talent acquisition teams to communicate with one another easily and track the progress of each hire as they move through the employee onboarding stage of employment. This includes I-9 verification, built-in background checks, and payroll and benefits administration integrations.

The best onboarding software even connects the organization’s applicant tracking system and performance management system to provide a seamless transition from candidate to new hire to fully-ramped employee.

For example, an entry-level candidate will receive a full introduction to the company and KPIs, while a tenured internal hire can focus more on the additional or newly added responsibilities. Meanwhile, the onboarding team won’t have to create a new program to match the candidate; they can simply follow the established guidelines.

Why is onboarding important for the employee experience?

Onboarding is important for the employee experience because it introduces new hires to your organization’s culture. Effective onboarding creates a welcoming environment for new hires and sets the stage for new employee engagement and success.

Onboarding experiences can determine the trajectory of an employee’s engagement, performance, and retention throughout their tenure at an organization. A strong onboarding process leads to 69% of employees staying with a company for at least 3 years. With ClearCompany’s Onboarding Platform, you can create an excellent onboarding experience that sets employees up for long-term success. Our user-friendly software is equipped with all the tools you need for streamlined onboarding: a new hire portal, electronic background checks, automatic task notifications, integration with your payroll system, and more.

What is the best onboarding software for HR?

The best onboarding solutions for HR enable easy, compliant, and paperless digital onboarding and streamline processes for HR and new hires. The best employee onboarding software is a solution like ClearCompany — packed with tools and features that help HR teams create a seamless, structured onboarding experience that engages new hires and sets them up for long-term success.

The best onboarding software:

  • Is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Is accessible on mobile devices for HR teams and new employees
  • Has tools to kick off onboarding prior to day one
  • Integrates with your existing payroll or HRIS software for seamless employee data transfer
  • Enables electronic document signing with tools like E-Verify
  • Simplifies compliance with digital recordkeeping
  • Automates time-consuming manual tasks for HR
  • Empowers users with outstanding support materials and customer service
  • Generates reports that provide deeper insight into onboarding processes
Which types of businesses can use onboarding software?

Given the broad range of challenges HR departments face when it comes to onboarding, regardless of industry, onboarding software is valuable for businesses of all sizes in any sector.

Whether you’re a small startup looking to scale efficiently, a medium-sized company that wants to improve employee experiences, or a large corporation aiming to optimize complex onboarding processes across departments or geographical locations, onboarding software can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The important part is choosing a solution that aligns with your business objectives, integrates seamlessly with your existing HR systems, and is flexible enough to adapt to your company’s growth.

ClearCompany’s solutions are tailored to serve industries including:

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