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Exceptional Talent Creates Exceptional Results

At ClearCompany, our mission is to help our 2,000 clients achieve their own missions
by hiring, retaining and engaging more top talent.

Join us and see how the world's fastest growing talent management platform can help you create Talent Success.

Create Talent Success™

With the only platform that unifies Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Management and Goal Tracking.

Talent OS on iPad Mini
Talent OS on Apple Macbook Pro

The ClearCompany Advantage

With 99% retention and hundreds of thousands of happy users, our clients will tell you there is no better choice for total talent management.

Hire A Players

Focus on the right competencies to hire top performers.

Engage Employees

Easily engage your workforce around the work that matters.

Improve Performance

Understand A Player profiles, then use data to hire more top talent.

Achieve Your Mission

Hire, review and manage using company mission, vision and values.

Give Better Feedback

Manage in real-time and give employees actionable feedback

Stay Compliant

Manage and store onboarding paperwork & other documentation.

#1 in Client Satisfaction


“I love how intuitive ClearCompany is.”



Michael Fadely

“I firmly believe that ClearCompany gives us an edge over the competition."

Michael Fadely

Strategic Technology Partners

Alice Caban

“The service level provided is the Rolls Royce of your industry.”

Alice Caban

PSCU Financial Services

Tens of millions of applications. Millions of A Players.


Total Users


Employee Approval Rating


In Customer Satisfaction

See why we are ranked as the top HR Software

A Talent Operating System with Every Purchase

All top performing organizations engage employees around mission, vision and goals. In fact, the #1 driver of engagement is seeing a connection between employee work and organizational strategy. ClearCompany is the only HR software powered by a core Talent Operating System, allowing you to leverage these best practices to hire, retain and engage more top talent.

Talent OS on Multiple Devices

See how ClearCompany can help you create total Talent Success™

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