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ClearCompany helps you find, engage, and hire more top talent with our modern, AI-assisted features. Create best-in-class candidate experiences and efficient recruiting processes for hiring success with ClearCompany Applicant Tracking Software.

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Do more with a purpose-built, AI-enhanced ATS

ClearCompany does more than automate everyday recruiting tasks. We create structured blueprints for sourcing, nurturing, and hiring the best candidates for your business. We incorporate AI and the profiles of your top performers into your recruiting tools, so you optimize requisitions, automate campaigns, elevate interview conversations, evaluate candidates fairly, and hire top talent aligned with your culture and mission.

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Make better hires faster with an AI sourcing engine

Intelligently source, engage, and generate applicants with ClearCompany AI sourcing tools. Automate recruitment campaigns at scale. Source from our vast talent database and post to every major job board. Then, instantly identify high-potential applicants for every role.

ClearCompany Sourcing Engine

Source from a global talent pool of 3.2 billion professional records to quickly find potential hires for any position. Query our industry-leading sourcing platform to find professional profiles with contact data that match your requisition criteria. Jumpstart each search and your pre-apply outreach with a robust and actionable list of job prospects.

Matched Candidate Recommendations

Identify the people to prioritize and pursue first with ClearCompany AI and machine learning automation. Screen for the candidate attributes most likely to make a successful employee, and let it help you find the best potential matches.

Recruiting Campaign Automation

Scale outreach, stand out, and nurture passive candidate leads with automated email and text drip campaigns. Use AI to generate messages that promote your opportunities, set email and text message sequences and cadence, and segment audiences and distribution lists. Embed requisition links and applications so recipients can immediately take action. Capture all campaign activity and talent pipelines in your ATS.

Integrations to Support Sourcing

Easily pull prospects and contact information found through LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed, and JobTarget into your ClearCompany talent pools and campaigns with our recruiting partner integrations.

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Deliver an ideal candidate experience every time

Impress and engage candidates with award-winning recruiting software that makes your job opportunities stand out and ensures a frictionless experience. We offer beautiful branded career sites, AI assistance for candidate outreach and communications, text recruiting, and video interviewing to help you modernize your process, engage candidates, streamline communications, and recruit faster and more effectively.

Branded Career Sites

Bring your employer brand to life with an attractive, user-friendly career site powered by ClearCompany. Provide a seamless applicant experience with easy-to-use chatbots, job search tools, filters, and applications.

AI-Assisted Recruiting Content and Communications

Leverage AI to instantly create effective job descriptions and offer letters. Also generate compelling, personalized, and prompt candidate email and text messages with the help of AI.

Text Recruiting Suite

Build relationships, simplify applications, and accelerate hiring with our Advanced ClearText suite that includes ClearText, Text-to-Apply, Bulk Texting, and Text Recruiting templates.

Video Interviewing

Take advantage of our integrations with every major video conference provider to recruit virtually and host video interviews. Add video interview links directly to interview confirmations with one click.

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Tailor your process to your unique roles

Automatically incorporate your unique job requirements and the attributes of top performers into your requisitions, interview guides, and candidate scorecards. ClearCompany’s applicant tracking system combines recruiting automation and tailored interviewing tools to create objective and repeatable interview processes to ensure you evaluate all candidates fairly against bias-free criteria.

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Save time and eliminate manual tasks with recruiting automation and AI

Increase recruiter efficiency and reduce time-to-hire with the most complete ATS feature set and our AI recruiting assistant. Manage, post, and promote your openings on hundreds of job boards in minutes. Rely on AI to help prioritize tasks, optimize communications, and automate workflows and interview scheduling. Use our arsenal of virtual recruiting tools to maintain momentum and accelerate hiring.

Jobs Board Management

Manage, post, and promote your requisitions on any jobs board with just a few clicks. Refine and update in minutes.

Scheduling Automation

Quickly coordinate interview schedules and logistics with all participants and allow candidates to select their own times. Access all calendars, generate interview packets, add video interview links, and virtually distribute reminders and updates to candidates and hiring teams in minutes.

Recruitment Marketing Tools

Easily set up and manage employee referrals and run effective email and text drip campaigns to build candidate pipelines. Create omnichannel, high-visibility recruiting strategies with ClearCompany’s QR codes, Text-to-Apply functionality, and social sharing tools.

AI-Powered Recruiting Assistance

Leverage your ClearCompany AI assistant to boost job seeker conversion, prioritize recruiter follow-up, answer questions on your career site, and optimize hiring workflows and candidate outreach.

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Create a command central for candidate management and team collaboration

Engage and connect every member of your team throughout the hiring process. Centralize every interaction, enabling team members to correspond with the candidate and share notes in real-time. ClearCompany candidate profiles streamline the process, improve candidate experiences, and help you make more informed hiring decisions.

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Evaluate and improve your recruiting processes with turnkey reports

Make it easy for your recruiting team to understand and act on information. Our pre-built recruiting report templates, interactive dashboards, and drill downs, together with data visualization capabilities, help you track candidate demographics, identify pipeline sources, and understand your recruiting funnel and time-to-hire metrics. Optimize your hiring process with ClearCompany’s robust analytics.

Our complete suite of pre-built reports includes:

  • EEO Report
  • Application Completion
  • Candidate Flow Log
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Time to Hire / Time to Fill
  • Requisition Volume
  • Candidate Pipeline
  • Scorecard Analysis
  • Gender Diversity - Pipeline
  • Source of Hires
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Experience an award-winning ATS and best-in-class customer support

Our clients consistently rank ClearCompany highly and provide stellar reviews of their experiences with ClearCompany’s ATS and our client support teams.

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ClearCompany is a solid ATS and great return on our investment! It is really user-friendly with a lot of features. It’s very easy to post positions, access candidate profiles, and run reports. Customer service and ongoing webinars are excellent as well.

Torrey Hecht, Corporate Recruiter

Mental Health America of Los Angeles

O and G industries logo

ClearCompany really helps us keep our hiring activities organized and everyone involved in the process well-informed. It’s a great tool for streamlining our hiring process. My favorite feature is being able to move candidates through the different workflow stages because it allows for easy identification of where we are at and why certain decisions were made and when. We also appreciate the amazing customer service – everyone is always so helpful and gives straightforward answers.

Danielle Fournier, Human Resources Business Partner

O&G Industries, Inc.

C2AE Architecture and Engineering logo

Since starting to use ClearCompany we have been able to attract talent without the use of outside recruiting agencies, reducing our costs significantly. We have also been able to more easily use the data from applicants to comply with the various different regulations related to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. ClearCompany has been a huge asset to our HR team.

Christine Coon, PHR Human Resources Manager

C2AE Architecture & Engineering

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software used by recruiters to manage job applications, store applicant information, source and screen candidates, communicate with candidates, and search past applicants. An ATS helps recruiters stay organized, keep track of candidates, and source from past candidates.
Applicant Tracking Systems began as simple candidate databases and resume-parsing tools. While these basic ATS options are still available, a modern ATS is equipped with a wide variety of tools and features that make recruiters’ jobs easier and create a seamless candidate experience.
These are some of the tools today’s Applicant Tracking Systems offer:

  • Candidate stage tracking
  • Passive candidate sourcing
  • Job board management
  • Integration with LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Branded career sites and multi-org branding
  • Multilingual applications
  • Employee referral management
  • Mobile applications
  • Text-to-Apply
  • Candidate texting
  • Video interviewing
  • Interview scheduling, guides, and feedback tools
  • Recruiting analytics
  • Background checks and electronic document signing
  • Offer letter management
What are the features and benefits of ClearCompany’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Here are some of the top features of ClearCompany’s ATS and their most significant benefits:

  • Advanced ClearText Suite: ClearCompany’s Advanced ClearText Suite includes ClearText, Text-to-Apply, and Bulk Texting. ClearText enables recruiters to text job candidates, prompting a response rate nearly 50% higher and 60x faster than email. Text-to-Apply allows applicants to apply for open jobs in a few short messages, and ClearCompany clients see 3.5x more applicants and 4.2x faster hiring.
  • LinkedIn integrations: ClearCompany integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect and Apply Connect, syncing candidate data between the two systems and allowing candidates to apply without leaving LinkedIn.
  • Employee referral program management: Employee referrals are a favorite candidate source because hiring costs tend to be lower and referred candidates have higher retention rates. ClearCompany’s Referral Management feature makes it easy to implement this talent acquisition strategy at your organization.
  • Talent Communities: 48% of job seekers who a company did not hire still want to be considered for other positions. ClearCompany enables recruiters to build searchable Talent Communities where they can stay connected with those past applicants and reach out if a position opens up that matches their qualifications.

See our What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Guide for a comprehensive look at the features and benefits of an ATS.

How to choose the best ATS

The best ATS depends on a variety of factors, including your organization’s size, industry, hiring demands, and planned growth. It also depends on the needs of your organization, especially the HR team, recruiters, and hiring managers. Your ATS may be best-in-class or all-in-one; designed for large teams or tailored to a two-person department; created for specialized candidate sourcing or bulk seasonal hiring — or any combination of needs.

Use these steps before, during, and after your Applicant Tracking System purchase or upgrade:

Before ATS Purchase

  1. Define the goals of the Applicant Tracking System.
  2. Set a budget and project deadline or implementation date.
  3. List required vs. nice-to-have features.
  4. Make the case to leadership.

During ATS Search

  1. Get client reviews, testimonials, and case studies for each ATS option.
  2. Consider business growth goals and product scalability.
  3. Refer back to your goals to stay on track.

After ATS Implementation

  1. Compare recruiting metrics to pre-ATS statistics.
  2. Stay up-to-date on new features and product updates.


What types of Applicant Tracking Systems exist?

There are many options for an ATS on the market today, some of which are standalone and some of which are end-to-end talent management solutions. Standalone Applicant Tracking System solutions are highly specialized, with deep functionality in one area. These solutions can easily integrate with other software systems, because due to their narrow scope, you may need several system integrations.

An end-to-end solution, in this case, talent management software, serves a wider range of functions in one system. All-in-one, cloud-based software streamlines talent management processes and increases data transparency. Human resources teams can manage the entire employee experience and lifecycle from one shared system. End-to-end solutions can also integrate with other applications to meet your company’s specific needs.

How do Applicant Tracking Systems help HR Managers?

Applicant Tracking Systems provide tools to help HR managers and teams save time, streamline processes, reach more potential candidates, consolidate recruiting data, improve communication, and more. ATS software gives HR the tools and insight they need to align HR and business strategy and demonstrate their value in the organization.

Using an ATS also helps HR teams build a seamless candidate experience with tools like ClearCompany’s Text-to-Apply, ClearText, and Mobile Apply. Those ATS mobile and text tools allow job seekers to apply quickly and recruiters to easily keep in touch with candidates.

Why should my company use an Applicant Tracking System?

94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say their ATS positively impacts hiring processes at their organization. ATS software can help your recruiting and HR professionals automate time-consuming daily tasks, better organize candidate data, and reach a wider pool of candidates. It can also improve the candidate experience with shorter applications available via text message or mobile devices.

The recruiting analytics available in ClearCompany’s ATS provide the insight HR teams need to understand the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruitment process and how they can best refine those processes.

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