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Win at hiring with a seamless candidate experience

In today’s competitive talent landscape, you need to delight candidates at every touchpoint. Build a positive experience for job seekers and increase the chances that top talent will want to work for you with ClearCompany.

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Candidate experience makes or breaks hiring success

Slow hiring costs companies top talent

62% of job seekers lose interest two weeks after an initial interview if they haven’t heard back. Hiring teams need fast, efficient processes so they can hire their top candidates before the competition.

Candidates want clear and consistent communication

70% of candidates want at least weekly updates on their application status. Staying in touch pays off, too, leaving candidates who aren’t hired 52% more likely to engage with your company again in the future.

The ripple effect of a poor recruiting experience

Employers need to get the candidate experience right or risk damaging their employer brand. 56% of employees say they’d discourage others from applying if they had a poor recruiting experience.

Design a candidate-first experience with ClearCompany

In today’s hiring climate, the candidate experience determines which companies attract and hire top talent. 75% of employees who had a positive candidate experience say it influenced their decision to accept the offer.

Use ClearCompany to put your best foot forward and optimize the candidate experience.

  • Create an exceptional, intuitive applicant experience with branded, searchable career sites
  • Accelerate the application process with a completely mobile and text-friendly applicant experience
  • Support DEIB with inclusive job descriptions, multilingual applications, and our name pronunciation tool
  • Leverage recruitment marketing tools to nurture passive talent and keep candidates engaged with a fast and fair interview process

Enhance the candidate experience to strengthen your employer brand and appeal to top talent

ClearCompany’s intuitive software, engaging branding tools, and modern virtual recruiting functionality facilitate a seamless candidate experience while helping HR effectively manage the entire hiring process.

Attract more applicants by highlighting your employer brand.

Career Sites

Raise brand awareness, effectively promote your open roles, and provide job seekers with chatbot assistance with a low-maintenance, ClearCompany-hosted Career Site. Easily incorporate your employer brand, relevant job search filters and fields, and the Virtual Recruiter chatbot.

Talent Acquisition Branding

Create a cohesive brand image by automatically updating every form and candidate reference point with the subsidiary brand and location they applied to, ensuring consistency and eliminating confusion.

Dynamic Culture Highlights

Enhance your employer brand and attract more talent by including Culture Highlights on your company’s career site. Easily add compelling brand content to your career site using custom text and video options. Welcome new hires with a dynamic Meet the Team widget that displays pictures and interesting facts about team members.

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Maximize your reach with mobile and text capabilities.


Reach hard-to-reach potential applicants who are accessible on mobile devices but not computers. Provide an immediate call to action and enable applicants to apply the moment they learn of your opportunity.

Text Recruiting

Build relationships with candidates using ClearText, our text messaging software. Easily connect with candidates 1-on-1 by text to speed up communications and show your organization is approachable and responsive.

Mobile-Friendly Applications

All job applications in ClearCompany are mobile-friendly to streamline the hiring process and allow job seekers to apply directly from their mobile devices.

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Impress candidates with a modern and welcoming interview process powered by innovative HR technology.

Self-Service Scheduling

Create a seamless interview scheduling process for both candidates and recruiters. Reduce the back-and-forth of scheduling by giving candidates the ability to select their own interview time slot.

Virtual Interviews

Leverage video interviews to build rapport and create a positive candidate experience. Easily set up virtual interviews with your video conferencing platform and instantly generate invites with video conference links through ClearCompany.

Automatic Notifications

Streamline communications and keep everyone informed by promptly sending auto-generated interview confirmations, links, and interview reminders or schedule updates to all interview participants.

Explore Interview Scheduling Automation

Ensure personalized experiences for candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Drip Campaign Automation

Develop targeted distribution lists for email and text campaigns to scale passive talent outreach. Use merge fields to personalize candidate emails and texts effortlessly.

Multilingual Applications

Let candidates read your job postings and apply in their language of choice. Create job applications in any language. French and Spanish applications are automatically included at no additional charge.

Digital Offer Letters

Use ClearCompany AI and automation to draft, design, approve, and deliver compelling offer letters quickly. E-signature capabilities let recipients virtually accept offers from any device.

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