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ClearCompany believes that when people succeed, companies succeed.

Our Mission

To help you achieve your mission by uniting people, platforms, and processes to maximize your employees’ talent.

Andre Lavoie,

CEO and Co-Founder


The best companies are driven by the best employees

At ClearCompany, we believe that empowering employees to achieve their full potential is what moves companies ahead. So, we provide the data-informed insights, employee-first strategies, and innovative software your HR team needs to recruit, ramp, recognize, and retain top talent.

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Talent Maximization powered by our world-class platform

Your company is unique, with individual roles and goals that drive it forward. ClearCompany has everything you need to empower your employees to do their best: expert-informed content, people-first strategies, and top-rated software. Together, we can maximize your employee talent.

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Our platform, built by our people, used by our people


We know our platform works because it’s working for us

At ClearCompany, we believe in our platform and the strategies that informed its development. That’s why we’ve put our philosophy into practice for ourselves. It’s the reason we’re the top-ranked and fastest-growing Talent Management system and Great Place to Work-Certified™.

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Backed by 20 years of expertise

Jason Burke,

Director of Customer Engagement, ClearCompany

Data-driven and expert-informed talent management strategies

An effective talent management platform is only as good as the internal processes and strategies that support it. That’s why ClearCompany empowers HR professionals with data-driven best practices, proven strategies, and expert-informed content — all designed to increase HR confidence, jumpstart your talent initiatives, and maximize employee talent from day one.

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Empower every employee to do their best work and realize their full potential.

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Chief Technology Officer, ClearCompany