A Modern Talent Management System for Retail

Recruit, ramp, recognize, and retain your retail employees.


The ClearCompany Talent Management platform unites people and processes so retail companies can maximize employee talent:

Quickly and efficiently source candidates for seasonal staffing needs Immediately onboard new hires and get them ready to hit the ground running on day one Efficiently roll out performance reviews across departments, locations, and regions Allow employees at multiple locations to work as a true team by giving them access to the goals, work, and progress of other locations Align business and revenue objectives to the goals of employees working at the store or line level Recognize employees for outstanding work and other accomplishments and milestones Build a strong company culture where employees can grow and have their voices heard
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ClearCompany is so easy to use and there is always someone there to help if you need it. I have loved being on calls to improve our use of ClearCompany. Our contacts are always willing to research solutions and make our lives easier!”

Jana Lewis, Human Resources

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