HR Reporting and Workforce Analytics

Turn your HR data into a competitive advantage

Track the progress and results of your talent initiatives and gain meaningful insights into organizational trends and demographics. Use HR analytics to act on findings to maximize your talent strategy.

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Get the HR reports you need to make informed decisions

Easily generate reports so you understand your demographic and talent trends and can answer strategic HR questions on demand. Our data visualization tools and interactive filters help you drill down and uncover issues and opportunities.

Leverage turnkey pre-built reports for each talent module

Measure the effectiveness of your HR initiatives and processes at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Use our standardized reports in each module to manage recruiting pipelines, workflows, and conversions, track onboarding task completion and compliance, monitor performance review cycle progress, and identify top performers.

Support decision making with cross-module analytics

ClearCompany provides valuable cross-module analytics that are only possible when all your employee data is captured in one common system. Our system identifies the attributes of your high-performing employees and builds those insights into your job requisitions and interview guides to improve hiring decisions.

Track DEIB and demographic dynamics with People Analytics

Synthesize your HRIS and payroll data to generate insightful views of your organization’s demographic makeup with our intuitive analytics interface and data visualization tools. Understand diversity, gender balance, and pay equity by department and see organizational dynamics and disparities by department, manager, and office.

Save HR time and increase data-driven decision-making in every phase of talent management

Make it easy for your HR and recruiting teams to understand, track and act on people insights.

Improve the efficiency of recruiting efforts by tracking your candidate demographics, pipeline sources and conversions at every stage of the recruiting funnel. Our powerful pre-built reporting suite for Recruiting includes:

  • EEO Report
  • Candidate Flow Log
  • Time to Hire / Time to Fill
  • Current Pipeline
  • Gender Diversity – Pipeline
  • Application Completion
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Requisition Volume
  • Scorecard Analysis
  • Source of Hires

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Identify top performers throughout your organization, understand performance dynamics, and monitor review cycle progress with workforce analytics. Our powerful pre-built reporting suite for Performance Management includes:

  • Performance Review Cycle Progress
  • Employee Goal Use & Progress
  • Goal Alignment
  • Performance History and Trends
  • 360-Degree Reviews Cycle Progress

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Integrate your Payroll or HRIS system with ClearCompany to take advantage of our robust People Analytics reports. Standardized, turnkey reports simplify tracking and help you quickly gain visibility into organization dynamics and disparities. Our People Analytics reports track:

  • Turnover by Department
  • Promotions by Role
  • Gender Diversity
  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity
  • Retention by Gender
  • Retention by Race and Ethnicity
  • Active Employees
  • Average Pay
  • Pay Equity
  • Total Compensation Spend
  • Headcount and Demographics
  • Grow, Flow, and Churn
  • Compensation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Lifetime Value

Power your business intelligence tool of choice with direct access to ClearCompany data and create the customized, actionable reports your company needs. With a real-time data feed for your BI Software, you can easily connect to your preferred tool or use Snowflake’s Snowsight BI interface to gain valuable insights into how employee dynamics impact your business.

  • Recruiting Data
  • Employee Data
  • Candidate Data
  • Office Data
  • Offer Letter Data
  • Performance Data
  • Onboarding Data

Improve hiring forecasts, budgets, and timing with workforce planning

Effectively plan staffing needs with powerful headcount modeling tools. ClearCompany provides the predictive forecasting and modeling tools your finance, HR teams, and business leaders need to generate, evaluate, and optimize talent scenarios. Use ClearCompany Workforce Planning to build effective talent plans that ensure you always have the right people in the right roles at the right time.

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Clients rely on ClearCompany Reporting and Analytics

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The recruiting metrics side of things has been a huge win for us because when I go to our executive meetings I can report, "this is our time to fill, this is our source, this is our time to hire." And I'm able to use the metrics that I can report on.

Beth Scafe, Human Resources Director

Absorb LMS

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I’m always on the analytics side of the platform. I have visuals, I have hard data that I can quantify into getting people on board faster, retaining them longer, and giving them a career path.

Beth Sparkes, Vice President of Human Resources

The Towbes Group

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We can take a look at the speed between a candidate screened by our Talent Acquisition team and how long it takes on average for them to interview with a hiring manager. We found out that was a bottleneck in our process. We shared this with our leaders in the field, and they made the commitment to turn around interviews within 24 hours so long as candidates can.

Chad Dunnam, Director of Talent Acquisition

Milan Laser Hair Removal

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