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Take advantage of modern workforce planning tools to optimize your talent management plans and ensure you always have the right people in the right roles at the right time. Data visualizations and interactive filters help you maintain a constant understanding of your demographic and talent trends so you can answer strategic HR questions on demand.

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The recruiting metrics side of things has been a huge win for us because when I go to our executive meetings I can report, "this is our time to fill, this is our source, this is our time to hire." And I'm able to use the metrics that I can report on.

Beth Scafe, Human Resources Director

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I’m always on the analytics side of the platform. I have visuals, I have hard data that I can quantify into getting people on board faster, retaining them longer, and giving them a career path.

Beth Sparkes, Vice President of Human Resources

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We can take a look at the speed between a candidate screened by our Talent Acquisition team and how long it takes on average for them to interview with a hiring manager. We found out that was a bottleneck in our process. We shared this with our leaders in the field, and they made the commitment to turn around interviews within 24 hours so long as candidates can.

Chad Dunnam, Director of Talent Acquisition

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