ClearCompany partners with the #1 job site in the world to find top candidates fast, provide easy applications that connect with ClearCompany's Applicant Tracking System, and streamline your interview process with the Indeed Interview Integration.

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Indeed Interview key features

Multi-Round Interviews

Schedule multi-round interviews all from the same virtual interview link, providing a candidate-first experience

Integrate pre-interview tools in your workflow

As candidates join the lobby from their browser, you can preview resumes, invite other interviewers and make announcements.

Everything you need in one place

Record, share your screen, take notes, blur backgrounds and even review resumes live on the call.

Stay organized post-interview

After the interview, you can rate the candidate, send them to the next interviewer or review past notes, ratings and recordings.

Indeed Interview key benefits

Fewer candidate “no-shows” on average compared to in-person interviews.
Increased likelihood of jobseekers to accept a video interview, compared to in-person and phone interviews.
Over 5.7 million job seekers have scheduled interviews with Indeed.

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Schedule interviews with Indeed without leaving the ClearCompany platform at no cost!

  • Seamlessly schedule and host 1:1, panel, and multi-interviewer interviews in the ClearCompany platform via the Indeed Interview Integration.
  • Add Indeed Interview virtual links directly to interview invitations sent from ClearCompany.
  • Take advantage of Indeed Interview video interviewing capabilities free of charge with your ClearCompany ATS account.

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