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Build your company and culture one employee at a time

Discover how the world’s fastest-growing talent management platform and award-winning Applicant Tracking Software can optimize your employee experience and HR initiatives to maximize employee and company success.

Recruit and hire smarter

Who you hire impacts culture. How you recruit drives offer acceptance. That’s why our applicant tracking system both automates common recruiting tasks and sets the stage for talent maximization. ClearCompany adapts your recruiting processes to your unique jobs so you hire A-players aligned with your values. We leverage text, video, and scheduling technology to create efficient, best-in-class candidate experiences. Improve who and how you recruit with ClearCompany.

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Onboarding made easy for you and your new hires

A positive onboarding process increases new hire engagement. Our user-friendly virtual onboarding experience makes new hires feel like part of the team even before they start. Our state-of-the-art tools and industry-leading partnerships save your internal team hours of time on compliance, administration, and in-house logistics.

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Elevate your employee experience and build culture

ClearCompany helps you build community and connect with employees more frequently, virtually, and on a deeper level. With talent management tools like employee surveys and peer recognition, you can craft a high-touch engagement strategy that increases job satisfaction, promotes teamwork and inclusivity, establishes trust, and inspires the employee successes that lead to organizational success.

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Develop your people with an employee-first approach

Personalize the experience, conduct better reviews, and simplify cycle management. Our platform, best practices, and pre-built review templates shift the focus of formal reviews from evaluation and ranking to employee growth and potential. Set the stage for productive performance conversations, coaching, and career development with our employee-first approach.

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Maximize the insights from your HR data

Our pre-built reports and analytics help you interpret and act on your HR data. Use ClearCompany to understand your employee dynamics and organizational health and optimize talent management strategies. Leverage our cross-platform analytics to connect the dots and accelerate decision-making. Take advantage of ClearCompany’s workforce planning tools to improve staffing forecasts and headcount decision-making.

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