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Talent maximization is achieved when HR has the tools they need to plan accurately, execute people initiatives flawlessly, and build culture deliberately. These essential pillars of talent maximization are the core of our Talent Management platform.

Plan accurately

Successful journeys begin with a clear path to your destination. After leaders set goals, they must identify the people and teams required to achieve those goals. ClearCompany helps leaders plan ahead, setting the headcount targets required to reach objectives. Our workforce planning software enables finance, HR, and recruiters to share scenarios and forecast shortages before they hurt results. Improve development and maximize talent with ClearCompany.

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The ClearCompany Talent Maximization Model

Execute people initiatives flawlessly

Consistent systems drive consistent execution. Your execution is only as good as its weakest link. Our unified platform aligns every stakeholder and provides compliant, efficient processes for every step of the employee journey. Our connected system offers state-of-the-art, AI-powered features for recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, performance management, and HR analytics to save time and improve the execution and results of your talent strategies.

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The ClearCompany Talent Maximization Model

Build culture deliberately

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” says management guru, Peter Drucker. We agree. Culture is the invisible force that helps companies manage through uncertainty and inspire employee productivity and loyalty. Culture is crucial for talent maximization, and it’s shaped by how you recruit, ramp, recognize, and retain your people. ClearCompany enables you to connect these processes and build culture intentionally.

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The ClearCompany Talent Maximization Model

How ClearCompany enables flawless HR execution

We combine your job-specific requirements and company values with our platform, analytics, and best practices to create your unique processes for hiring, engaging, developing, and retaining A-Players.

Put the focus on required experiences, skills and values

Our approach standardizes your processes and ensures the focus of your recruiting and performance management practices is on the experiences, skills, and values required to perform at your company, eliminating bias and increasing the effectiveness of interviews and performance reviews.

AI-enhanced software and guidance for today’s evolving workplace

ClearCompany offers all the modern, AI-powered tools your HR and recruiting teams need to increase efficiency and save time.

ClearCompany AI, strategic best practices, and pre-built templates for employee surveys and performance reviews jumpstart and improve your talent initiatives.

A consistent and intuitive user experience for every audience you serve

Make each of your audiences successful with easy-to-use software and workflows. ClearCompany streamlines processes and eliminates friction, enabling users to complete tasks with ease across devices and modules. Our robust features, flexible workflows, and intuitive interface save HR and recruiters time. Our end-user experience impresses candidates and employees and simplifies tasks.

Award-winning modules. One game-changing system.

Avoid multiple vendors with a unified, people-first platform that supports talent maximization throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Recruit and hire smarter

Who you hire impacts culture and productivity. How you recruit impacts time-to-hire, offer acceptance, and recruiter efficiency.

ClearCompany offers powerful AI tools and automation to simplify recruiting workflows and help you source, engage, and hire more top talent. Our text, video, and scheduling features ensure positive candidate experiences and virtual hiring success. Improve who and how you recruit with ClearCompany.

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Onboarding made easy for you and your new hires

A positive onboarding process increases new hire engagement. Our user-friendly virtual onboarding experience makes new hires feel like part of the team even before they start. Our state-of-the-art tools and industry-leading partnerships save your internal team hours of time on compliance, administration, and in-house logistics.

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Elevate your employee experience and build culture

ClearCompany helps you build community and connect with employees more frequently, virtually, and on a deeper level. With tools like employee surveys and peer recognition, you can craft a high-touch engagement strategy that increases job satisfaction, promotes teamwork and inclusivity, establishes trust, and inspires the employee successes that lead to organizational success.

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Develop your people with an employee-first approach

Personalize the experience, conduct better reviews, and simplify cycle management. Our platform, best practices, and pre-built review templates shift the focus of formal reviews from evaluation and ranking to employee growth and potential. Set the stage for productive performance conversations, coaching, and career development with our employee-first approach.

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Maximize the insights from your HR data

Our pre-built reports and analytics help you interpret and act on your HR data. Use ClearCompany to understand your employee dynamics and organizational health and optimize talent management strategies. Leverage our cross-platform analytics to connect the dots and accelerate decision-making. Take advantage of ClearCompany’s workforce planning tools to improve staffing forecasts and headcount decision-making.

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World class experience, service & training

ClearCompany provides exceptional client service and support, best practices, thought-leadership, training and HR expertise to every client.

Unlike other providers, we don’t contract out client support. When you partner with ClearCompany, you will work with, and be supported by SHRM-certified, in-house talent management professionals who will serve as an extension to your internal team.


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