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View our resources for insights into best practices and the latest talent management trends.

Talent Management Resources for Today's HR

Quality of Hiring Survey Templates

Use these hiring surveys to get firsthand feedback on the quality of your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes.

Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Gain valuable insights and make sure your employees are feeling motivated at work with the help of ClearCompany's Employee Engagement Surveys.

Performance Management Reviews Report

We’re proud of these achievements because, without the support of our users, we wouldn’t have earned a single one. Download our user review guide to see the real results users are achieving with ClearCompany.

ATS Reviews Report

With hundreds of five-star ratings and glowing client testimonials, it’s clear why ClearCompany has been granted award-winning excellence for its Applicant Tracking System.

Performance Review User Tour

Check out our interactive product tour to see how our platform simplifies performance review completion and supports employee development.

Employee Onboarding Checklist

This comprehensive employee onboarding checklist will walk you through the essential steps needed to connect your employees to your organization from day one.

Performance Review Templates Bundle

Easily launch your next (and best) performance review cycle with ClearCompany's standardized, insightful, and expert-built review templates.

Recruiting Trends 2022 Guide

Discover the latest trends, strategies, and software solutions recruiters are using.

Professional Development Infographic

Offering a professional development program is an asset to both your employees and your business. 

Rapid Recruiting Bundle

We know how hard it is to find the right people for your company, and we want to help.
That’s why we created this bundle of resources to make recruiting easier than ever before.

Employee Engagement Bundle

HR leaders need to stay informed on the latest engagement trends and tools in order to foster a workplace of highly engaged employees.

Strategic Hiring Plan

Transform your team and start hiring more A Players today with our strategic hiring plan!

Transform Your Talent Acquisition and Management Process

Recharge your talent processes with our megabundle of printables, guides, worksheets, and more!

Performance Management, Supercharged

Transform your talent management process, build A Players, and boost business performance.

Business Continuity Plan

Use our plan as a template to help you develop your own strategy to maintain business continuity through this unexpected event.

A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle

Each year nearly 25% of the working population undergoes some type of career transition. From onboarding to offboarding, this 30 page ebook will walk you through each step of the Talent Lifecycle.

Capital Challenges

ClearCompany partnered with HR.com to conduct a survey of nearly 400 Human Resource professionals. Discover the telling results in our research study!

Workforce Planning: A Forward Looking Approach to Getting the Right People in the Right Job

We conducted a survey during the fall of 2016 to gather information about the state of workforce planning.

Powerful Performance Reviews

Asking the right questions will help steer the conversation and give employees the chance to have a productive dialogue where managers and employees both receive insight into each other's perspectives.

Talent Management University

It takes no more than a few minutes on the job for a new hire to begin considering the future of their employment. Want your company to be its best? Leadership needs the right tools and education to manage new talent.

Building a Goal-Oriented Organization

A goal-oriented organization can reach accomplish its vision for success and transform the way its people work together to make things happen.

How to Use Competencies to Make the Right Hire

The main components of hiring are knowledge, skill, and competency. But competency goes beyond experience and hard skills to examine key behaviors and inclinations person-to-person.

Give Better Feedback

These starter phrases help managers at all levels start the conversation on the right path to productivity.

Revitalize Your Candidate Experience

From the initial job search all the way through onboarding, experience matters for your organizational well-being.

Planning for the New Fiscal Year?

We bundled our top HR resources that you’ll need to set yourself up for success this fiscal year.

Innovating Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Strategist Torin Ellis holds a captivating discussion on the true value of Diversity and Inclusion, and why it's imperative for the future of the workplace.

The A Method Recruiting Strategy

Hiring the right people the right way has an affect on the success of your entire organization. New York Times Best Selling Author Randy Street shares his A Method for better hiring.

Ready to Reboot Performance Management?

PeopleFirm CEO Tamra Chandler goes in-depth into how you can repair the fatal flaws of traditional performance reviews to build a process that better serves your organization.

Mega Bundle: Performance Reviews that Mean Something

These ClearCompany resources steer your conversations in the right direction, so you get the most out of your employee performance reviews - even from a distance.

A Guide to Building a Modern End-to-End Candidate Experience

A stellar candidate experience is vital for your company to engage, hire and retain A Players.

Are Your Employees Buying Into Your Employer Brand?

With your employees' guidance, you'll be able to choose initiatives that actually resonate with them and garner participation.

Discover the Missing Link to Performance Management

Find out what you can do to engage your top talent, no matter what stage of the employee lifecycle they are in.

The Definitive Small Business Talent Management Checklist

We understand the challenges facing HR at small and medium organizations.

A Better Implementation Experience With ClearCompany

At ClearCompany, our priority is a smoother, easier implementation process for every client. We pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction ratings and quality customer support.

How to Consolidate Your HR Tech Stack

By reviewing your current solutions and consolidating your HR tech stack now, your business can quickly adapt and maneuver beyond the pandemic.

5 Steps to Increase Workplace Collaboration Immediately

Whether you have several remote employees, or you are hiring your first, we want to make the hiring and managing processes easier for you.

Mega Bundle: Managing Remotely During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Need a continuity plan or help keeping work from getting off track? ClearCompany has a group of resources to help keep your employees safe while still forging ahead.

The Covid-19 Swipe File

Keep your business on track and your employees engaged while working remotely.

Top 5 Projects for Recruiting Teams in a Down Market

This white paper outlines 5 recruiting initiatives to target, attract, and find the right talent for the right job.

The Recruiter and Hiring Manager Relationship

In this guide, we’ll identify the best collaboration practices and offer the right resources and tips for recruiters and hiring managers to find, hire, and retain A Players.

Mid-Year Performance Checklist

Make sure your processes are as successful as they could be by downloading our checklist today!

Selecting the Right Paperless Onboarding System

We understand that finding the right system is no easy task. This employee onboarding checklist was compiled with the help of HR Technology experts to assist you in finding the perfect fit.

Create a Better Candidate Offer Letter

This checklist helps you craft and schedule offer letters that include all the right pieces in all the right ways, so you can send out your offer letters faster, and simpler.

HR Tech Buyer's Checklist

Instead of getting mired in a feature war, check out our handy guide to what a modern recruiting platform should have.

5 Reasons to Invest in Video Interviewing Today

We're facing a present and a future like the modern workforce has never seen, and this guide will help you shift your hiring strategy to better accommodate a forever-changed workplace.

An Essential Checklist for Getting Your HR Department Back in Order

We created an HR checklist with tips and tools essential to keeping your department smoothly sailing to success.

A Manager's Guide to Giving Effective Performance Feedback

Download your copy today to fine-tune your employee feedback and supercharge their development and growth.

Guide to Giving Performance Feedback

This guide provides helpful tips to transform your performance conversations, plan for employees' futures, and build strong relationships.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Work Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy prioritizes the psychological needs of an individual from basic surroundings to the more sophisticated support systems and empowerment for achieving internal growth.

How HR Analytics Makes an Organizational Impact

Find out exactly how HR analytics empowers leaders to tackle their most important organizational challenges and make better business decisions.

Assess Your HR Readiness

Use this checklist to determine how ready your business is to safely return to the office.

Step-by-Step Employee Onboarding Process Checklist

Bringing someone new into your organization is not a simple process. This comprehensive employee onboarding checklist will walk you through the essential steps needed to connect your employees to your organization from day one.

Applicant Tracking Systems: A Data-Driven Guide to Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right applicant tracking system shouldn't come from a sales pitch. Data you already have can guide you to the right choice when it comes to implementing your ATS.

Managing Remote Workers Checklist

Whether you have several remote employees, or you are hiring your first, we want to make the hiring and managing processes easier for you.

Transform Your Talent Process

The CHRO’s Favorite Timeline for Changing Performance Management: use this timeline to make the transition run smoothly.

Performance Management Vendor Comparison Workbook

There are hundreds of HR management softwares out on the market with many key features. Fulfilling your organization’s unique needs calls for a thorough research process.

Toolkit: Evaluating Performance Management Systems

Use this template to evaluate what features will be essential to your organization’s success, and what steps you need to take to make sure you end up with the right talent management platform.

Select the Best Performance Management System for Your Company

Looking to make an investment in a performance management system for the first time or just want to switch to a new system? Use this vendor-neutral buyer's checklist to guide you to the right decision.

The Essential Guide To Buying a Performance Management System

Looking for a new or updated Performance Management System? Start here by downloading our vendor-neutral buyer’s guide.

Onboarding System Vendor Comparison Workbook

There are hundreds of onboarding systems out on the market with many key features. Fulfilling your organization’s unique needs calls for a thorough research process.

Onboarding Resource Pack

We've bundled together our top employee onboarding resources into one complete guide to help you make sure your onboarding process is streamlined, compliant and effective.

Onboarding Buyer's Guide

Looking to add or update your existing Onboarding System? Start here by downloading our Onboarding Buyer’s Guide.

Create a Better Candidate Experience Every Time

Create a positive candidate experience before, during and after the interview with our downloadable checklist.

Hiring Remote Employees & Managing a Remote Team

Whether you have several remote employees, or you are hiring your first, we want to make the hiring and managing processes easier for you.

Applicant Tracking System Vendor Comparison Workbook

There are hundreds of applicant tracking systems out on the market with many key features. Fulfilling your organization’s unique needs calls for a thorough research process.

How to make a Business Case for an Applicant Tracking System

Download this guide for tips on how to have a successful conversation about the value of Applicant Tracking Systems.

Applicant Tracking System Buyer's Guide

Our buyer’s guide will help you ensure you're on the right path when it comes to purchasing technology.

The 8 Secrets to Strategic Sourcing

Learn how to improve employee onboarding and create an effective strategic sourcing process by taking a deliberate and scientific approach with these strategic sourcing strategies.

Integrate Video Interviewing into Your Hiring Process

Video interviewing can fill the gaps in your recruitment strategy and accelerate the process so your open positions don’t stay vacant for too long.

A Guide To Sourcing Top Candidates

This guide gives you and your team the tools you need for sourcing candidates and tracking candidates for effective recruitment.

Complete ATS Buyer’s Checklist

Choosing the right ATS for your company means finding the necessary features, functionality, and support for your recruiting team and hiring strategy.

9 New Ways To Recharge Your Recruitment

Whether it’s replacing outdated technology, investing in training, or auditing your processes, now is the best time to revitalize your recruiting.

Employee Turnover Calculator

Monitoring your employee turnover rate is simple when using the formula outlined in our calculation guide.

How To Build, Engage, & Grow Your Talent Like a Startup

Our 60+ page guide walks you through implementing startup-style talent alignment and organizational transparency at every stage of the talent lifecycle.

The Ultimate HR Compliance Checklist

A lack of compliance can cause a myriad of issues, from increased turnover rates to fines and even lawsuits.

HR Audit Guide

An HR audit allows you to identify whether your strategy and practices are adequate, effective, problem-free and most importantly, legal.

The Missing Piece in Your Talent Management

Our guide provides tactics and real-life examples to help you find what's holding your talent management process back from hiring and retaining great employees.

Talent Management System Buyers Guide

Use our comprehensive buyer's guide to help you through the entire process.

HR Year-End Checklist

From payroll, to benefits and tax information, our checklist will help you better organize your end of year!

HR Metrics that Matter

A guide full of actionable techniques and realistic metrics your HR team can use to reap the benefits of being a data-driven department.

Quality of Hire

Download our eBook and learn what type of talent you're bringing in, and how to find more A Players.

An Introduction to Competencies

Find out why 80% of best-in-class organizations define core competencies at the start of the hiring process.

Execute Organizational Goals Through Alignment

Pick up the broken pieces with goal tracking software to align and advance.

Employee Onboarding Guide

ClearCompany has researched the needs of HR Professionals and Hiring Managers alike to create a complete guide to Onboarding your new hires.

2021 HR Tech Stack Mega Bundle

Right now, the workplace is changing every day. You need HR Tech to stand up to the challenges your organization faces now and in 2021.

2021 HR Leadership Guide

Check out the 2021 HR Leadership Guide, over 39 pages of trends and insights, predictions, and recommendations.

Learn More About ClearCompany Solutions

With over 16 years of experience, our award-winning Talent Management Platform supports organizations of all sizes when it comes to hiring and engaging A Players. See how you can start creating Talent Success™ with ClearCompany.