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A Talent Management System for Energy Recruiting

The energy that drives the world is powered by people.

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Hiring for Energy Recruiting

One of the fastest growing industries in today’s global economy, Energy is increasingly people-powered. You need the right minds working on the right problems to find the best solutions and continue growing.

Our Energy Recruiting and Hiring Solution creates an easy hiring portal and supercharges your company’s social recruiting efforts. Our top-of-the-line career sites, social sharing tools, and mobile applications allow you to engage with candidates who don’t spend their days behind a desk. Uniquely designed to cater to the specific needs of the energy industry, our applicant tracking system, and other talent management tools, make it easy to find, screen, hire, onboard and manage your talent.

With ClearCompany for Energy Recruiting, You Can:

Easily screen and organize candidates for the correct certifications and qualifications
Decrease your time-to-hire for hard to fill positions with best-in-class career sites, social sharing tools, mobile sites and referral management
Seamlessly hire and onboard employees in remote locations with our cloud-based, paperless system
Build scalable processes to further shorten the recruitment and training cycle
Create transparent and accurate reporting to predict when you’ll need your next "purple squirrel"

"We have more candidates now because we’re automatically posting to more places..."

“We have more candidates now because we’re automatically posting to more places and candidates can apply online. We have a database, a candidate pipeline, and helpful metrics. And the Performance module has been great! I can quickly pull analytics directly from the performance review tools. It’s been very easy to use.”


Jennifer Iles, Director of HR Global Operations

Nikkiso Crygenic Industries

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