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Talent Management Platform for Education Recruiting

A clear view for hiring our future.

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Education ATS and HR Software

Recruiting teachers doesn’t have to be fraught with worry around search committees, background checks, or diversity reporting with our recruiter software.

With ClearCompany for Education, a talent acquisition and talent management platform that can be perfectly customized for your school’s unique needs, you can quickly and easily build the right talent strategy and processes to help you hire, retain, and engage more top talent.

Whether you are hiring for preschool teachers and administrative staff, or trying to select the right review process for pre-tenure professors, ClearCompany is the right talent management software for you.

With ClearCompany for Education, You Can:

Easily screen for the correct certifications and qualifications
Keep crucial documents at hand for EEO and other reporting purposes
Improve performance with continuous, in-depth feedback
Gain insight into what staff members need to improve semester over semester, year over year
Provide documentation on diversity initiatives
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ClearCompany Success Stories: Strata Information Group

Strata Information Group provides consulting services for hundreds of colleges and universities in the U.S. and beyond. They need to be able to deploy highly skilled consultants at a moment's notice. See how ClearCompany's advanced Applicant Tracking System allows them to find and recruit the top talent, when they need it.

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See first-hand how ClearCompany can help you hire for the Education industry.