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Talent Management System for Engineering Recruiting

Take your engineering recruitment strategies to the next level.

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Hiring for Engineering

With increased competition for top talent, recruiters in the Engineering space must rely on the support of best-in-class recruiting and onboarding solutions to reduce time to hire and attract A Players.

Building a qualified, diverse team is crucial to organizational success. ClearCompany's Talent Management Platform was built to enable startups, engineering firms, and high-growth organizations to create their talent management department from the ground up, achieving their recruiting, retention, and onboarding goals.

With ClearCompany for Engineering Recruiting, You Can:

Use automated recruitment tools to quickly and easily organize candidates for the correct skills and managerial level.
Decrease your cost of hire for hard to fill positions with mobile sites and referral management.
Hire and onboard employees in multiple locations with our cloud-based, paperless system.
Create repeatable, scalable processes that complement your growing company.
Automatically build performance management into your HR process.

Architecting a Better Talent Pipeline

“The biggest upsell was having an online onboarding process. It has taken the hiring turnaround time and reduced it to a day, because I can provide basically all the information that they need for the payroll system, benefits, and all that before they even get here, which is huge.”


Steven Dunn

Human Resources Director, PBK

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