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Employee Onboarding Software for HR Professionals

Manage compliance, easily onboard and engage new employees

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what is the best onboarding software

Onboard New Hires From Anywhere, Anytime

ClearCompany's Onboarding tools are modern, easy-to-use, and efficient. Get your new hires and internal teams ready to hit the ground running before day one.

Beautiful ESS New Hire Portal

Impress new hires with an attractive, branded employee self-service onboarding solution that provides them with all the information they need to be ready on their first day and beyond.

Beautiful New Hire Portal

Intuitive User Interface

Our user-friendly onboarding software provides an ideal onboarding experience and makes it easy for new hires to complete onboarding tasks electronically.
Intuitive-User-Interface-IMG@1.5x (2)

Device & Equipment Management

Provision your new hires with all of their physical assets needs from one centralized database.

Keep track of every device and piece of workplace equipment owned by your company.



Let new hires view their onboarding packet, meet their team, and complete essential paperwork from any device. New hires can complete onboarding materials, including signing and submitting forms, right from their phones.


Compliance and I-9 Management

Ensure compliance with automated I-9, W-4, state tax, and other required forms that can be completed and securely stored on the platform.

Compliance and I-9 Management

Intelligent Forms

Our auto-fill technology carries information from form to form, reducing errors and time spent entering redundant data.
Intelligent Forms

E-Verify, WOTC and Background Checks

Take care of WOTC, verifications and background checks electronically during new hire onboarding.
E-Verify, WOTC, and Background Checks

Team Member Introductions

Introduce new hires to their hiring manager, team members and HR before they start to build employee engagement and make them feel like part of the team.

Automated Task Notifications

Define and automate onboarding tasks within the system. Track your entire process with easy deadline setting and automated reminders for both new hires and your internal team.
Automated Task Notifications

Bulk Onboarding

Easily onboard groups of new hires all at once with our bulk onboarding tool.


Payroll & HRIS Integrations

We integrate with all the leading payroll providers and HRIS/ERP systems to make data synchronization and information transfers for new hires a cinch.

Payroll-with-HRIS-IMG@1.5x (1)

New Hire Goal Setting

Share new hire performance goals. Set dates in advance for new hire 30, 60, 90-day check-ins.
New Hire Performance Reviews

Easy Reporting

Actively manage onboarding tasks and compliance with new hires and internal teams, and evaluate your employee onboarding processes with real time interactive reports and dashboards.

New hires can complete essential onboarding tasks virtually with ClearCompany’s Onboarding Platform. Paperless onboarding software allows new employees to view their onboarding packet, meet their team, and complete required paperwork from any device. Create a smooth employee onboarding process with intelligent forms, e-signatures, and other features developed to enhance the employee experience.

Onboarding is important for the employee experience because it introduces new hires to your organization’s culture. Effective onboarding creates a welcoming environment for new hires and sets the stage for new employee engagement and success. 

Onboarding experiences can determine the trajectory of an employee's engagement, performance, and retention throughout their tenure at an organization. A strong onboarding process leads to 69% of employees staying with a company for at least 3 years. With ClearCompany’s Onboarding Platform, you can create an excellent onboarding experience that sets employees up for long-term success. Our user-friendly software is equipped with all the tools you need for streamlined onboarding: a new hire portal, electronic background checks, automatic task notifications, integration with your payroll system, and more.

Onboarding software helps your HR team achieve its two-part mission of setting employees up for success while maintaining compliance and employee information. By using onboarding software, HR teams can streamline tasks, from automating compliance and background checks to creating onboarding packets and bulk onboarding new hire classes. During the onboarding process, HR and IT teams can initiate device and equipment provisioning to new hires directly from the software system. Additionally, new hire onboarding tasks and critical internal tasks can be tracked, recorded, and stored in the cloud for compliance.

The best onboarding software for HR enables easy, compliant, and paperless digital onboarding and streamlines processes for HR and new hires. The best employee onboarding software is a solution like ClearCompany — packed with tools and features that help HR teams create a seamless, structured onboarding experience that engages new hires and sets them up for long-term success.

The best onboarding software:

  • Is intuitive and user-friendly

  • Is accessible on mobile devices for HR teams and new employees

  • Has tools to kick off onboarding prior to day one

  • Integrates with your existing payroll or HRIS software for seamless employee data transfer

  • Enables electronic document signing with tools like E-Verify

  • Simplifies compliance with digital recordkeeping

  • Automates time-consuming manual tasks for HR

  • Empowers users with outstanding support materials and customer service

  • Generates reports that provide deeper insight into onboarding processes

"ClearCompany is one of the most well thought out applications I have ever had the pleasure of using This company has a thorough grasp of the market they are serving and does an amazing job of guiding a company through instantiation. They are incredibly responsive and thorough--responsive and constantly improving their product. We looked at dozens of competitors are this fit every use case to a tee. I would recommend this to every organization regardless of size."

Doug W. – 2017

G2 Crowd – 5/5 Stars