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Bringing the Best of the Cloud to HR

ClearCompany operates as a true Software-as-a-Service provider with a 100% multi-tenant infrastructure. As a result, all clients are constantly on the most current version of our software, including all bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features, all at no additional charge. Multi-tenancy SaaS is leading the way forward in enterprise technology, and we’ve been at the forefront of this shift since our founding in 2004.

Seamless Integration

Our fundamental philosophy is that your data is your data, and you should be able to access it and integrate it into all of your IT systems. API integrations can be built independently with documentation and support provided by ClearCompany’s product development team, and resources can be provided on a consulting basis to build unique integrations. The data API is XML-RPC based for maximum cross-platform compatibility and ease of implementation.

  • Complete data access API: In addition to full flat-file/FTP processes for legacy system integration, ClearCompany provides a complete data access API, enabling your internal IT to develop additional tools and system integrations independently.
  • API support: We also provide read APIs to support data warehousing, dashboards, and integration with high-level reporting tools used by larger enterprises. All APIs are XML-RPC based and fully documented to support integration by company IT staff.
  • Data import/export: Bulk or programmatic import and export of data is supported through a variety of methods including structured database uploads, XML data feeds, flat-file FTP batches, and wholly-custom interfaces developed for subscribers.
  • HRIS integration: Accurate data entry into third-party HRIS systems can be ensured through fully-automated or manually-verified data loading. ClearCompany provides a friendly front end for gathering all of the data needed to create a new employee, and can transfer data through flat-file batches or direct API connection to your HRIS.
  • Single sign-on: We offer authentication and user account management API for integration into corporate SSO platforms. The API is based on simple URL calls with XML-RPC responses making it simple to integrate with a wide variety of COTS and in-house developed SSO systems.