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Mission-Driven Success

Our Talent OS is the only HR software that utilizes your company's mission and vision to find, hire and engage "A Players." By leveraging your organization's individual goals, roles and competencies, we power up your applicant tracking, onboarding and performance solutions to create phenomenal results.

  • Increase Human Resources' strategic context
  • Get real-time insight into your people and their work
  • Focus recruiting efforts, increase quality of onboarding, and refine performance management strategies

Goal Tracking & Alignment

Instant insight into your people and their work

Get everyone on your team on the same page and track results from different management levels, seamlessly with goal management tools.

  • Goal Cascading: See alignment with high-level visualizations
  • Understand goal structure: See how work is allocated, who is responsible for which tasks/projects, and how they are progressing.
  • Give and receive timely, actionable feedback on progress

Role & Competency Management

Excellence at any role within the organization

Improve your Hiring, Performance and Management Process with free multi-level competencies from leading competency provider HRSG.
  • Clearly articulate and identify excellence on the job for any role at any level within your organization
  • Bring a greater degree of consistency to everything from sourcing to interviewing to performance reviews
  • More easily set expectations and specific, achievable talent management goals for new hires from day one

Give Feedback in Real-Time

Keep your top talent aligned and engaged

Our unparalleled collaboration tools allow your managers to visualize consistent updates from team members, and give their employees feedback when it matters most. Then, pull all of that data into a performance review for a complete view of that employee's work.
  • Easily give employees consistent and actionable feedback
  • Increase engagement by demonstrating to "A players" why their work matters
  • No more surprises in performance reviews: keep everyone aligned and their contributions transparent

Manage Projects, Meetings and Tasks

Better organize the day-to-day work that it takes to meet your goals

Progress takes time. Collaborate more efficiently and transparently with employees and hiring managers using our tools. 
  • Manage all of your meetings and tasks - from interviews and onboarding form approvals to real-time feedback - in one place
  • Integrate your calendar to keep everyone on the same page
  • Create projects specific to team or individual goals and more easily collaborate

Document Storage

Keep your processes organized and compliant

Use our Talent Operating System as a one-stop-shop for easy-to-access employee documentation.
  • Automatically save all new hire documentation from our onboarding solution, then access them at any time
  • Easily add and manage new documents throughout the employee lifecycle, ensuring that everyone is appropriately documented and your company is compliant
  • Access complete salary history for compensation planning

A Complete Best Practices Library

Leverage professional expertise on everything from offer letters to offboarding

With Talent University, your entire team will learn from HR thought leaders, and easily implement their best practices for success.
  • Implement successful strategies and processes across your HR function
  • Easily import templates designed by HR experts like Libby Sartain and Kris Dunn into our system and your process.
  • Free for your entire team!

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