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Social Recruiting Tools

Reach out to candidates where they are, on social media!

Social recruiting is crucial in today’s competitive recruitment landscape. Equip your Recruiters, HR Professionals and Hiring Managers with the tools they need to be successful. ClearCompany’s social recruiting tools do the work for you!

  • Facebook career sites
  • Apply by LinkedIn for better candidate experience
  • Social Sharing Tools: cast a wider net without purchasing pricey postings
  • LinkedIn Widget: Allow candidates to make instant connections

Branded Career Sites

Put your best foot forward with our branded career sites

Your employer brand matters. Show off your culture and opportunities with beautiful branded career sites

  • Easy branding and building, send us your logo and let us do the rest
  • Integrated content. Already have the best career site built? We can integrate your jobs and applications into a pre-existing career site too
  • Automatic job posting means you have one less thing to manage

The Best Candidate Experience

Efficient, accessible tools create an incredible candidate experience

Candidate experience depends on accessibility, efficiency and scalability. ClearCompany knows this from over a decade of creating talent acquisition solutions for companies just like yours. Read how Care Mountain implemented a seamless candidate experience. Read Case Study
  • Flexible application builder accommodates any need or process from one-click apply to complex DOT requirements
  • Automated candidate screening questions narrow down your talent pool
  • Include assessment tests for easy evaluation

Multilingual Applications

No matter what language you recruit in, we’ve got you covered

Build application processes in any language you need. Then, watch the applications flow in!

  • Quickly build entire application processes in multiple languages
  • Give candidates the choice of which language to use

Mobile Apply

Efficient, accessible tools create an incredible candidate experience

A majority of candidates today are looking for jobs on mobile devices. We’ve built the best system out there to make sure you don’t lose candidates through mobile job applications.

  • Easily collect candidate info, no matter how they find your site
  • Give your candidates a user-friendly process
  • Keep employer branding consistent across mobile devices
Mobile Apply

Background & Reference Checks

You need to conduct background checks but don’t have all day to set them up. Enter ClearCompany one-click background checks

Easily automate your background and reference checks with the click of a button. Just one click keeps your employees safe, your organization in compliance and your recruiting funnel free of bottlenecks.

  • Save time and stop chasing down references or authorizations
  • Include authorizations automatically in the apply process, or request them individually
  • Results attach to candidate profiles for easy viewing

Job Board Management & Posting

Expand your reach exponentially with zero grunt work

If you’re tired of copying and pasting to multiple job boards and still not knowing what your best source of hire is, ClearCompany has a great talent acquisition solution for you. Our Job Management and Posting feature allows you to manage, report and streamline your recruiting channels.

  • Free job board syndication
  • Automatically post to thousands of job boards
  • Seamlessly manage purchases and postings at a discounted rate
  • Source reporting allows you to see how each source contributes in real-time

Candidate Management

ATS + CRM. It’s finally here, all in one simple dashboard

Manage your candidate relationships better than ever. Communicate from one central location, set reminder updates for important dates, and create talent pools to gain more insight about your employees and candidates.

  • Quickly and easily communicate with candidates through the system
  • Robust candidate profiles allow you to see everything in one place
  • Automatic Talent Pools: organize and report on applicants by any metric you can think of

Easy Collaborative Hiring Process

Get approval, collaborate on a candidate or just take notes on feedback

Your hiring managers are your greatest advocate inside the organization. Why not show them the appreciation they deserve? From one click approval to unlimited access for all your hiring managers, ClearCompany creates a collaborative hiring process.

  • Unlimited Hiring Manager access free of charge - engage them as much or as little as you need
  • One click req approval
  • Quick candidate profile sharing

Recruiting Analytics

Tell your story with compelling reports that show your value to the organization

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why we built a complete reporting suite from scratch, to allow you to tell the story of your company’s recruiting culture and results.
  • Nearly 200 Reports out of the box: everything from user data to time to hire
  • Easily stay compliant with automated EEO/OFCCP reporting
  • Unlimited free customizable reports. Don't see what you need? Our data experts will build it for you free of charge

HRIS Integration

Go beyond hiring and onboarding with total integration to create an end-to-end system

An incredible platform means nothing if it doesn’t play nicely with your other business critical software. ClearCompany does.
  • We support full integration with down and upstream systems like HRIS/ERP/Background checks/Payroll and more
  • Cross-platform XML-RPC based API for complete data access
  • Flat file/FTP batch transfers, XML feeds, custom interfaces and Single-Sign on for user authentication
HRIS Integration

Email Integration

Easily track outgoing emails and their responses for every candidate

Managing hundreds of candidates is no easy task. Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to keep your communications organized by tracking every email a candidate sees or sends right in their profile.
  • Track both outgoing and incoming emails for Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and candidates
  • Quickly respond to candidates directly from their profile in the ClearCompany ATS
  • Our performance tracking system works with any email client

Customizable Workflow Automation

Save time and reduce errors with workflow automation

We understand that every click we save you gives you valuable time back to focus on finding more A Players. Our Applicant Tracking Workflow Automation tools allow you to send candidate emails in bulk and trigger candidate status changes at the same time.

  • Quickly use bulk email templates to trigger status changes
  • Create multiple workflows for each of your unique processes
  • Easily pull real-time reports on candidate statuses

Referral Management

Referrals are 5 times more likely to be hired. Cast a wider net for A Players with our Referral Management tools

Create a sourcing team from your current employees by allowing them to easily refer their peers straight from the ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System. Learn how Gateway Engineers created a referral culture using ClearCompany's ATS. Read Case Study.

  • Empower employees to easily refer from their networks with built-in tools
  • Automatically tag referrals for easy, error-free source tracking
  • Encourage more referrals with our internal career sites
Applicant Tracking Software

Interview Scheduling

Hassle-free calendar coordination

No need to waste time wrangling team member and candidate schedules. Let candidates choose a time that works for everyone with ClearCompany Interview Scheduling.

  • Coordinate multiple calendars at one time
  • Save time by allowing candidates to see your availability, then choose an interview time that works for everyone
  • Calendar invitations automatically include links to candidate profiles for easy viewing and organizing

Interview Feedback

Consistently and Effectively Evaluate Candidates

Understand how well a candidate will do at your company by automatically leveraging company, department, and role-based competencies throughout the interview process.

  • Standardize your interview process by automatically collecting timely, competency-based feedback from each interviewer
  • Customize scorecards and templates for each role or department to ensure effective feedback
  • Easily collect both qualitative and quantitative data
Interview Feedback

Talent Pools

Easily keep track of all your A Players

We understand that keeping candidates organized is no easy task. That’s why our Applicant Tracking System lets you create talent pools to do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Set parameters, then watch our Applicant Tracking System automatically organize your candidates by skill, certification or anything else you need
  • Real-time updates mean your talent pools are constantly searching for new candidates who meet your criteria
  • Easily keep your pipeline engaged and email entire talent pools with just a few clicks

Quality of Hire

Leverage performance data to understand how well your team is recruiting

ClearCompany Performance is the only system that connects performance data with hiring, showing your team what type of talent they are bringing in, and how to find more A Players.

  • Automatically start gathering information during the new hire onboarding process
  • Use goal and competency data to see and understand how well your people are hiring within departments, offices or even individual roles
  • Benchmark performance and overall quality for your new hires against tenured employees

Predictive Performance

Forecast a candidate's performance

Hiring isn't a perfect science. Be more confident in your choices with our predictive performance tools.

  • Add dimension to your hiring process by using data from top performers to evaluate candidates
  • Correlative data allows you to make intelligent decisions about which questions you should be asking during an interview
  • Our automated reporting tools allow you to collect and leverage predictive performance data with no extra work
Predictive Performance

Video Interviewing

Seamlessly included in the application process

Pre-recorded video candidate screening allows your company to brand its image well before the first interview. Ensure that all candidates receive a professional, consistent experience with ClearCompany video interviewing.

  • Collect video responses at any point before, after or during the application
  • Drag and drop feature allows for easy question building
  • Candidates simply click to record

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