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Drive Talent Success

Our talent alignment software is more than just a collection of tools and widgets, it is a system optimized for and powered by your talent

In over a decade of helping clients recruit, onboard and manage their employees, we've studied how the people you hire make an impact. Our patent-pending Talent Management Platform helps you identify and understand your top talent, then seamlessly use their competency data to hire more people like them.

We provide one organic talent management platform to manage everything: source, screen, hire, onboard, align, engage review and retain more A-players.

Partner with us, and our award-winning team will help you build an automated foundation designed to save you time, then improve and optimize your process to drive Talent Success.

The Talent Success Maturity Model

Before ClearCompany, technology was not available to support HR best practices

Other Talent Management Platforms either poorly integrate their solutions, or silo them into imprecise, laborious processes. ClearCompany promotes transparency and collaboration to allow your recruiters, hiring managers, onboarding coordinators and performance admins to benefit from shared data. 

We approach talent management in three stages: Automate, Improve, Optimize. By incorporating best practices at every step of the way, we guarantee success.

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Step One: Automate

Let us set the foundation for success


Save time, money and resources by automating all of your team’s administrative tasks. Automated workflow changes, instant interview scheduling, one-click background checks, digital onboarding packets and automatic performance reviews are all possible with the ClearCompany platform.


Implement with us and give your HR teams more time to focus on people, not paperwork.

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Step Two: Improve

Apply best practices to hire and engage A-Players

Once your team has automated their administrative tasks, it frees them up to improve their people and processes. 

  • Understand A-Player Profiles in our Performance Management System
  • Build those profiles into your sourcing and recruiting processes 
  • Measure their success during the onboarding process 
  • Align your top talent to company goals

Step Three: Optimize

Increase the Return on your HR investment

Your people are your single largest investment. And, A-Players have the competencies and experience to deliver 400% more productivity than our average hires. However, managers have only a 50% success rate of hiring and retaining top talent. 

ClearCompany's online recruitment software is the only solution that creates a cycle of continuous talent improvement, ensuring an increased ROI on not only your HR software, but also your talent.


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