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Complete Talent Management Solutions

Everything you Need to Hire, Retain and Engage more A Players

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Complete HRMS and Talent Management Software Solutions

Your mission and vision are the crucial element of your business. They are the core to your success and the reason you invest in a talent management strategy. ClearCompany's reliant Talent Management Solutions utilizes your company’s mission and vision to find, hire and engage more top talent while also checking the list on every feature and administrative need. 

Scroll through our visual timeline to learn more about how our platform can help you create Talent Success.

  • Recruit

  • skills and competencies screenshot example
    Define Your A Player

    It starts with a role, its goals and the skills and traits it takes to be a top performer. Defining these qualities in ClearCompany means they automatically flow through your entire workflow, giving you and your team all the tools you need to find and hire more A Players with a 90% success rate.

  • employee management example screenshot
    Engage Your Hiring Team

    Our comprehensive and mobile-friendly tools for hiring managers give your team all they need to assess, interview, text and hire an A Player. By giving them exactly what they need, when they need it, we increase hiring manager engagement in the recruiting process. 

  • social media example scheenshot
    Source & Nurture the Right Talent

    The best recruiters know that hiring starts long before applicants apply.  Only ClearCompany lets you prospect and nurture talent from 160M profiles, all major job boards, your own database, and your current employees all in the same interface. 

  • recruiting application screenshot example
    Assess Effectively
    Provide the best candidate experience available. Our beautiful, award-winning application builder is built to handle any application process. And, our video interviewing and unparalleled assessment test partnerships mean you can include any video questions or tests you may need, at any point in your workflow.
  • candidate profile screenshot example
    Interview Well

    With everything from behavior interview questions to multi interview scheduling, automated and mobile interview tools packets, strategic interview questions customized for the role and actionable scorecards, our interview tools ensure everyone on your team is evaluating candidates efficiently and for the right skillset. 

  • candidate social profile screenshot example
    Make the Right Offer 
    Easily create branded templates and track approvals, while giving your hard-won new employees a beautiful experience they can review and submit from anywhere.
  • Features:

    • Branded Career Sites
    • Social Media Sharing
    • Referral Management
    • One-click background checks
    • Flexible workflows
    • Hiring Manager Portal
    • Talent Pools
    • Video Interviewing
    • Interview Scheduling
    • Interview Guides
    • Interview Scorecards
    • Multilingual applications
    • Job Board Management
    • Candidate Management
    • Reporting
    • Email Integration
    • Predictive Performance
    • Quality of Hire
    • Mobile Apply
    • ClearText
    • Passive Candidate Sourcing
    • Mobile Communications
    • Digital Offer Letters
  • Onboard

  • candidate profile example screenshot
    Define Your Process

    Actively manage onboarding tasks and compliance with new hires and internal teams. Evaluate your onboarding processes with real-time interactive reports and dashboards.

  • employee direct deposit screenshot
    Paperless Paperwork 
    No more chasing signatures or waiting for FedEx. Our automated workflows allow you to reduce administrative overhead and eliminate bulky, frustrating paperwork for new hires.
  • talent management systems home page
    Reduce Risk
    Reduce risk with compliant e-signatures, I-9 verification, E-Verify, WOTC screening, and state tax form management all stored in a fully compliant Privacy Shield and SOC 2 environment.
  • candidate database screenshot
    Get Them the Gear 
    Coordinate internal tasks to ensure new hires have the systems, software, apps, equipment and tools they need to do their job.
  • team page screenshot
    Engage Your Talent 
    Onboard new hires directly into the goals they are expected to accomplish, and align and engage them with their work and colleagues from day one.
  • performance review screenshot
    Track their First 90 Days 
    Automatically trigger 30, 60, and 90 day reviews and manager check-ins.
  • quality of hire document screenshot
    Measure the Outcome 
    Use Quality of Hire and Quality of Onboarding reporting to make sure you are hiring and onboarding effectively.
  • Features:

    • Attractive User-Friendly Interface
    • HRIS/Payroll Synchronization
    • Intelligent & Customizable Forms
    • Electronic Packet Delivery
    • Automated Task Notifications
    • Compliant Forms by State & Province
    • Mobile Friendly Packets & Forms
    • E-Signature Acceptances
    • Comprehensive Forms Library
    • Introductions to Teammates & Goals
    • Customizable Packet Templates
    • E-Verify, WOTC & Background Checks
  • Manage Performance & Goals

  • candidate profile screenshot example
    Define Your Mission
    All top performing organizations engage their teams around mission, vision and goals. Keep them central to your employees’ daily work with a mission-driven tool designed to retain and engage your best people, while giving you the data to easily find more of them.
  • candidate data screenshot
    Set Goals
    Your A-Players must understand what they need to achieve to make them successful. Easily set up trackable and actionable goals based on roles within the system that will then be brought into performance reviews.
  • candidate performance data screenshot

    Align and cascade employee goals throughout your organization.

  • accomplished goal announcement screenshot
    Recognize and Reward with Kudos 
    Did a colleague or employee do something great today? Use Kudos to let everyone know! Seamlessly integrated with Slack, Kudos can also be automatically brought into performance reviews. And, apply points to your internal employee reward system to drive behaviors and adoption of company values.
  • candidate profile example
    Monitor Progress

    Track your team’s progress with real-time notifications on goal updates and easy reporting.  Make it easy for your team to tell them how they are progressing, and where they need help.

  • candidate data example screenshot
    Give the Right Feedback 
    Further engage your employees, and keep everything on track with tools for real-time feedback.
  • performance review screenshot example
    Define Your Cycle Workflow 
    Whether you need our help automating an already well-oiled performance machine, or innovating an entirely new process, our software was created with all of the unique intricacies of your method in mind. We can build to nearly any existing workflow from annual reviews to anniversary-based reviews with every conceivable workflow in between.
  • job description team announcement screenshot
    Thrill Your Teams
    Ranked #1 in usability and with a 96% employee approval rating, our beautiful review portal provides your employees with an easy and enjoyable process, while cutting down on HR administrative hours.
  • data analysis screenshot
    Analyze Results 
    An automated reporting center helps you see all of your important data in one view.
  • top performers list screenshot
    Understand Top Performers 
    Our patent-pending tool allows you to visualize the skills and behaviors that make your A players the best, then automatically use that information within interview guides and scorecards to help your team better evaluate their candidates.
  • develop and engage your team screenshot
    Develop & Engage
    Tools for continuous performance mean your teams are enabled with the feedback and information they need to see the results of their work and consistently improve.
  • Features:

    • Annual Reviews
    • 360 & Peer Reviews
    • Time-based Reviews
    • Completion Tracking
    • 9 Box Reporting
    • Comprehensive Dashboard
    • Continuous Performance Tracking
    • Org Chart
    • Employee Profiles
    • Document Management
    • Kudos & Rewards
    • Manager Feedback
    • Goal Updates
  • Reward

  • ADP screenshot example
    We have strong integrations and partnerships with the top payroll system providers, and can integrate with any system your team is using. Easily pass info along to your payroll solution to keep employee information up-to-date and accurate in multiple systems.
  • HRIS screenshot example
    We understand that business-critical systems have to work together. No matter which of our solutions you use, we guarantee seamless data transfer into your HRIS or other softwares.
  • ADP screenshot example
    Our close partnership with ADP means your employee data automatically flows to ADP Workforce Now, and Vantage, reducing time spent re-keying data and the possibility for error.
  • Improve

  • improve screenshot

    Talent Success is driven by more than software. Our renowned best-practices library and workshops distill our experience, proven methodology, and thought leadership from HR experts for anyone interested in improving their talent strategy.


Couldn't do what we do without them!

"Our entire process has been streamlined as a result of their software. What used to take hours now only takes a few moments with a quick click of a button. Having everything automated and functioning has allow our staff to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, their customer service is exceptional. Not many companies take the time to truly listen to the customer. The staff at ClearCompany not only listens by helps guide you in the right direction each step of the way."

5/5 Stars

G2 General Leader Fall 2020