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Support to match your vision

Every ClearCompany Client is a Premier Client.


For ten years we’ve earned our reputation for being the best support our customers have ever received, hands down. With an annual renewal rate of 99%, and a decade of explosive growth, we’re experts at implementing our products at a wide variety of workplaces and business settings. We care a lot about your success and it shows in the way we help you get the most out of your talent day in, day out.

Our Difference: It’s Clear

We never outsource or off-shore our support services. Every ClearCompany client is assigned a dedicated Boston, Denver or San Francisco based Relationship Manager who leads their implementation and remains their primary contact as long as they’re a client. This ensures that we retain the deep knowledge of your goals, business processes, and team so we can provide targeted, actionable guidance and talent management software support for years to come. Our Relationship Managers are exceptional professionals with a deep knowledge of our technology and a passion for helping their clients succeed with talent management initiatives.

Every single client, regardless of size, receives:

  • Dedicated, US-based Personal Account Management:All ClearCompany clients work closely with a Boston, Denver, or San Francisco based dedicated Relationship Manager. From our initial implementation to strategic initiatives down the line, we don’t stop until every client is a success story. Relationship Managers are capped at about 50 clients to ensure they’re always available for clients.
  • Unmatched, Unlimited Support with No Fees – Ever:Contact us via phone, instant live chat, email, Live Training, Report Consulting… the list goes on. All clients benefit daily from our unparalleled personal support network. All without extra charges.
  • Tailored & Guided Implementation:Whenever you may need our help, your ClearCompany Relationship Manager not only works with you to identify and prioritize specific goals for success, but also provides personalized training, project management and change management support, so you get the most out of our suite.
  • Business & Best Practice Consulting: As a ClearCompany client, your Relationship Manager can help analyze your business processes, offer best practices and suggestions based on the success of hundreds of our clients – and even help you implement the improvements.
  • Ongoing Success Management by Phone, Email and Chat:We don’t stop at implementation – your Relationship Manager is always available and will set up quarterly reviews to make sure your account and processes are optimally aligned with your goals, and that you’re taking full advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology ClearCompany has to offer.


Ready to start seeing clearly?

Ready to start seeing clearly?

Our patent-pending software connects your talent to your company goals.


"Customer service is unequaled"

ClearCompany customer service is really unequaled in my experience. Immediate help for any and all users is a phone call, email, or instant message away.

– Matt Strahl Director of Strategy - Talent Acquisition Fay Servicing


"Our account manager is the best tool"

Our account manager is the best tool. It is not often I need to ask questions; however when I do, she answers quickly and efficiently, as if I am her only client.

– Cathy Malacki National Manager of Field Resources GoConfigure


Included in Your Implementation:


ClearCompany’s Relationship Management & Support Philosophy

We’ve built ClearCompany from the ground up based on our philosophy that phenomenal service demands more than good intentions: it requires great people. 
Our client support staff are rock stars – adding a ClearCompany Relationship Manager to your team is like scoring a top-notch new hire with a broad skill-set, depth of knowledge, and profound investment in your success.

We believe the success of our clients is not just about the initial software implementation. Through proactive support and strategic account reviews, your Relationship Manager ensures the continued success of your talent management initiatives. If your company’s strategy dramatically changes down the road and no longer matches your account setup, we’ll help design and manage a complete rework of our implementation to make sure your ClearCompany account grows with your shifting needs.

Quick, Easy Access to Real People in Real-Time

Whether you need help, have a question, or want to tell us about some interesting talent management article you read recently, when you call ClearCompany you’ll be connected directly to your Relationship Manager – a living, breathing person who’s intimately familiar with your business and deeply concerned with your success. Support calls, emails, and Live Chats are all routed to your dedicated Relationship Manager. If they’re unavailable at that moment, another experienced Relationship Manager will happily help you out.