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Effective Performance Management System

Software designed around the unique roles that make your company successful

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employee performance management system

Performance Management System Customized for Your Company

Achieve better goal alignment, increase employee engagement, and gain tangible insights into your workforce.

Every Review Format, Unlimited Reviews

ClearCompany’s Performance, Engagement and Goals platform enables you to seamlessly design, automate, and manage performance reviews. Our intuitive interface means you can easily customize and build your own evaluations directly within the platform for any type of performance review, including:

  • New Hire Reviews
  • Quarterly, Bi-Annual, or Annual Performance Reviews
  • Competency and Roles Based Reviews
  • Time-Based Reviews
  • Peer and 360 Reviews

Increase review frequency and employee participation with our modern performance management tools and unlimited reviews.

unlimited reviews

Pre-Built Review Templates

Efficiently design and launch performance review cycles with expert-developed pre-built performance review templates and best practices. Select from all the common performance review formats:

  • Quarterly Progress Reviews
  • Mid-Year/Semi-Annual Reviews
  • Annual Performance Evaluations
  • 360 Peer Reviews
  • New Hire Reviews
  • Employee Development Plans

Take advantage of pre-built review templates designed for different employee categories, such as non-exempt vs. exempt employees and individual contributors vs. people managers. Best practice recommendations provide HR teams with a "How To" guide for running each type of review.


360 Peer Reviews

Leverage peer feedback and automation to build employee self-awareness, collaboration, and high-performing teams. Easily capture and synthesize peer feedback, providing you with a 360 perspective on the employee’s work style, reliability, communications, teamwork, personal strengths, and areas for growth.


Seamless Cycle Management & Completion Tracking

Cycle Management Tools & Completion Tracking
No more knocking on doors to collect straggling reviews. Use our completion tracking views and automated reminders to ensure you have timely feedback from every team member.
Seamless Cycle Management & Completion Tracking

Intuitive & User Friendly

Our clean user interface, navigation, and stages make it easy for HR and managers to understand where everyone is in the process and manage review cycles.

Employee-facing reviews are also user friendly and easy to complete ensuring that employee participation is high and timely.

Intuitive & User Friendly

Fully Customizable

Our employee performance management system allows you to do everything from building your own scales, questions and sections, to creating multi-stage process including review, approval and timed stages.
Fully Customizable

Mobile Performance Reviews

Our mobile interface enables employees who don’t work at a desk to quickly and easily complete performance reviews right from their phones.
Mobile Performance Reviews

Goal Planning & Alignment

Get everyone on the same page with convenient and mobile-friendly goal tracking and alignment tools.
Goal Planning & Alignment

Real-Time Feedback

Ensure employees and managers are consistently aligned on key priorities, goals and drivers of success. Empower employees to regularly track and comment on progress towards goals.

Automated notifications remind managers and employees to provide feedback and collaborate on key initiatives vital to business success.

Employee Recognition

Our social and easy-to-use engagement and recognition tools promote teamwork, employee engagement, peer appreciation, and positive workplace culture.

Celebrations modernizes how companies celebrate and share employees’ personal milestones including birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hire welcomes.

Shout Outs, our employee recognition tool, empowers co-workers to publicly recognize peers who have done a great job or helped them out. Messages immediately appear on the company news feed. Social sharing tools let co-workers chime in to amplify the message.

Employee Recognition & Engagement

Employee Engagement Surveys

Understand employee sentiments and improve workplace culture with engagement and pulse surveys. ClearCompany’s pre-built surveys allow you to choose from expert-designed questions on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Employee Engagement
  • e-NPS
  • Onboarding
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Emotional Wellbeing

Our survey templates are fully customizable to ensure every employee survey is tailored to your organization’s needs.


Robust Analytics & Reporting Suite

Analyze performance trends and track employee performance over time by department, manager and individual.

Flexible, interactive analytics interface and visualization tools lets you filter, drill down and create custom fields so you can clearly see the drivers of employee performance.
Robust Analytics & Reporting Suite

Since every organization has unique needs, this should also be reflected in their performance review cycle. Creating a personalized performance review cycle is important to ensure your organization is receiving the feedback you need in the timeframe you want.

Performance review cycles can be conducted using a cadence you choose, such as quarterly, bi-annual, or annual review cycles. In addition, you can include specific review types to better evaluate each employee, including new hire reviews, competency- and role-based reviews, and peer and 360 reviews. With a performance review system like ClearCompany, you can manage review cycles, create custom reviews or choose from expert-created review templates, and spot performance trends across employees, managers, and departments.

Celebratory messages recognizing an employee's accomplishments are an important part of fostering a culture of employee recognition and appreciation. Organizations with employee recognition programs also see 31% less turnover than those without. Social sharing performance management tools encourage peers to amplify each other’s accomplishments, including ClearCompany Shout Outs, which allows coworkers to instantly send praise to individuals or teams.

Performance management is necessary to ensure the success of a business and the growth of its employees. It is much more than promotions and praise. When done correctly, performance management is about creating a culture of engaged, curious employees who are empowered to do their best work. Performance management software can assist in creating a modern process for your company by effectively managing, tracking, and analyzing performance.

"Switching to ClearCompany’s performance and engagement platform was a great decision. Our employees love it. All the system’s continuous performance management tools, especially those for building review formats, setting up grading and providing both employees and managers with the ability to add comments throughout, have helped simplify and automate our performance management processes, improve the flow and frequency of reviews, and stimulate more meaningful conversations and feedback."

Beth Sparkes

Vice President, Human Resources – The Towbes Group