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Talent Management System for Technology Recruiting

Pivot before your market does.

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Hiring for Technology

In today’s world of fast-moving information and increasing technology upgrades, technology recruiting and onboarding should be as fast as your customers need.

Building a qualified, stellar technology team is crucial to business success. ClearCompany's talent acquisition software was built to enable startups, technology companies and high-growth organizations build their talent management department from the ground up.

With ClearCompany for Technology Recruiting, You Can:

Use automated technology recruitment tools to quickly and easily organize candidates for the correct skills and managerial level.
Decrease your cost of hire for hard to fill positions with mobile sites and referral management.
Hire and onboard employees in multiple locations with our cloud-based, paperless system.
Create repeatable, scalable processes that complement your growing company.
Automatically build performance management into your HR process.
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ClearCompany Success Stories: Sambatek

"With ClearCompany, the hiring managers are able to be much more active. When they have a free five minutes, they know they can go check if we have any great candidates in the pipeline already. I don't even know if I can quantify the number of hours that it saves, but it's a ton. I can't recommend it enough."

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