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Talent Management System for Manufacturing Recruitment

Put people to work faster and easier than ever before.

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Hiring for Manufacturing Recruitment

In the information age, the people that make the items we use every day are more crucial than ever. Specialized skills, safety concerns and remote locations, are all concerns which can make employee recruiting and onboarding for manufacturing a challenge. Put people to work faster and easier with ClearCompany's talent management solutions.

ClearCompany for Manufacturing recruitment was created to allow easier distribution of jobs, faster and more targeted posting and mobile access. Seamlessly distribute your jobs socially and to job boards that cater to your target candidates. Recruit locally or remotely when needed and decrease time-to-hire with a new process for onboarding new employees that is customized to your organization.

With ClearCompany for Manufacturing, You Can:

Use automated tools to quickly and easily organize candidates for the correct skills and managerial level.
Decrease your time-to-hire for hard to fill positions with mobile sites and referral management.
Hire and onboard employees in multiple locations with our cloud-based, paperless system.
Build repeatable, scalable processes that complement your company’s current workflows.
Use performance management to tie line workers daily tasks to company-wide success.

"ClearCompany has made recruiting and onboarding extremely efficient for us."

“ClearCompany has made recruiting and onboarding extremely efficient for us. The ease for hiring managers to submit a request to hire a new employee, applicant tracking, and interview scorecards are just some of the ways ClearCompany speeds up our hiring process. This is especially important for a fast-growing company such as ours!”

Amanda Manz

Amanda Manz, HR Administrator

Baerlocher USA

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