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Talent Management System for Hospitality Recruiting Services

ClearCompany for Hospitality lets you hire with service in mind.

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Hiring for Hospitality

ClearCompany’s hospitality recruiting solution allows your managers to spend less time hospitality recruiting and more time managing, handling customer requests and focusing on the onboarding experience of the fast-paced world that is hospitality.

From micro career sites to mobile job postings and third party tool integrations, ClearCompany for Hospitality recruiting gives you recruiting and branding precision across multiple locations, creating a seamless hiring and onboarding experience for your valued employees. Our talent management platform is an efficient and simple to use interface allows you to post jobs socially, visualize and understand your most effective hospitality recruitment channels and prepares new hires to hit the ground running on day one.

With ClearCompany for Hospitality Recruiting, You Can:

Beat the busy season by quickly and efficiently sourcing candidates before you need them.
Build a scalable onboarding function that works across multiple locations.
Allow employees to work as a true team by giving them access to the goals, work and progress of other locations.
Align business and revenue objectives to the goals of employees on the front lines.

"ClearCompany delivers a great candidate experience"

“Everything was manual for us before ClearCompany. We were sending emails and dealing with paper forms. Now we are able to streamline and improve the candidate experience.”


Shawnee Porter, HR Coordinator

Sun Peaks Resort

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