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I need to invest in our people

ClearCompany helps you align recruiting, onboarding, and performance management to support your company's mission and vision.


ClearCompany is Talent Management

ClearCompany is the world’s first system capable of connecting HR’s work with the CEO’s goals in real time. Our patent-pending technology enables HR leaders to maximize the strategic contribution of hiring, learning, and performance initiatives and collect the data to manage talent as the valuable asset it is.

  • Recruit strategically: Define and approve requisitions based on their contribution to strategic goals and avoid across-the-board freezes or cuts so the most critical initiatives stay on track.
  • Attract better candidates: High-achievers want jobs with strategic impact. Goal-based job descriptions will help your openings attract the best applicants.
  • Onboard with ease: New hires can be directly onboarded not only with paperless I-9, payroll, and customized benefits enrollment forms, but also introduced to their performance evaluation goals and the people who will help them succeed.
  • Forward-facing performance: ClearCompany’s performance management tools not only automate annual reviews, but where traditional performance systems can only show you what happened, ClearCompany will also help people accomplish their performance evaluation goals this year with real-time task management and alignment tools.
  • Proven, easy-to-implement technology: ClearCompany’s talent and performance management tools have been used for nearly ten years by over 400 employers like you. Our 100% Software-as-a-Service platform is accessible to smaller enterprises and scalable to meet the needs of companies hiring thousands of people a year.