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Applicant Tracking System

Increase candidate flow by 3.5x with the easiest-to-use ATS software you'll find

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Applicant Tracking Made Simple


Find, schedule, and engage the best future employees while staying organized and in-touch with our best-in-class candidate tracking system.



Job Board Management & Discounted Posting

Manage, post, and promote your requisitions on any job board with just a few clicks. Refine and update listings in minutes. Take advantage of our partnerships with industry-leading job boards to purchase paid postings at discounted rates.


Beautifully Branded Career Sites

Your employer brand matters. Put your best foot forward with beautifully branded career sites that seamlessly feature all of your open requisitions.
Beautifully Branded Career Sites

Talent Acquisition Branding

Organizations hiring for multiple locations or brands can streamline their communications and provide a consistent, positive candidate experience. Avoid confusion and keep candidates engaged by automatically updating every form and candidate reference point with the subsidiary brand and location they applied to.

The Best Candidate Experience

We provide the best candidate experience available. Our flexible job application builder, modern interface, texting and video capabilities give your applicants the experience they deserve.

Multilingual Applications

Create job applications in any language. Our platform supports French and Spanish applications at no additional charge. Let candidates read your job postings and apply in their language of choice.

Multilingual Applications

Referral Management

Candidates referred by your employees are 5x more likely to be hired. Make the process of sharing external job postings easy for your current employees. Current employees are your company’s best advocates. Offer them the tools to view, send, and share open positions with their qualified network.


Mobile Apply

Now more than ever candidates expect to both search and apply for positions on their mobile devices. Reach more qualified applicants by ensuring a seamless mobile application experience.


  • Increase Candidate Flow and Decrease Time-To-Hire: Clients who use ClearCompany Text-to-Apply have 3.5x the candidates and a 400% faster time-to-hire.
  • Publicize Your Openings: Advertise in high traffic, public places to increase visibility.
  • Provide an Immediate Call-to-Action: Let applicants apply by text in seconds right when they see your opening.
  • Widen Your Net: Reach hard-to-reach potential applicants who are not on computers.


Connect with candidates 1-on-1 by text to facilitate efficient communication and create a personalized candidate experience. Build rapport and leverage the responsiveness of texting to communicate with candidates quickly and accelerate the hiring process. Create standardized text message templates to save time and ensure accuracy.

Bulk Texting

Reduce time texting individual candidates without sacrificing personalization. Reach out to candidates in bulk with dynamic text messages for common communications, including reminders and rejections.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

Source efficiently by connecting ClearCompany with your LinkedIn Recruiter license. Seamlessly share candidate data, including InMail history, notes, and scorecards between systems so you spend less time switching between platforms.

Get even more out of LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect with NEW features. Rate and reach out to suggested candidates from LinkedIn without leaving your ATS with Recommended Matches. View a consolidated list of matches from LinkedIn Recruiter and ClearCompany in one place with Unified Search.


LinkedIn Apply Connect

Generate more applicants faster. ClearCompany’s integration with LinkedIn Apply Connect enables candidates to apply without leaving LinkedIn.

Save time posting, find quality candidates and reduce candidate dropoff with a frictionless process. Application data immediately appears in ClearCompany.


Job Application Responses by Video

Collect pre-recorded video responses at any point before, after or during your application process.

Video Interviewing

Virtual Interview Links

Save recruiters time and eliminate errors by automatically inserting video conference links directly into interview invitations. Easily set up virtual screenings and 1-on-1 interviews with all major video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting.

Interview Scheduling

Save time by automating all the tedious tasks involved with interview scheduling. Our software lets you see everyone’s calendars at once and seamlessly coordinate interview lengths, formats and participants with just a few clicks. Send interview invitations, updates and reminders directly through the system to keep candidates and interviewers on track and eliminate the need for back and forth email communications.

Interview Scheduling

Mobile-Friendly Interview Packets

Give your hiring team the tools they need to ask the right questions with automatically customized questions for every role. Our mobile recruiting capabilities make it easy for hiring managers to pull up interview guides, candidate information and resumes right on their phones.
Mobile-Friendly Interview Packets

Interview Scorecards

Conduct effective interviews and make informed decisions with structured, role-based interview guides and scorecards. Easily collect consistent feedback on every candidate by adding customizable scorecards and templates to your interview toolkit.

Talent Communities

Leverage your existing ATS database to resurface and re-engage past qualified candidates who could be perfect fits for new job openings. Set search parameters to find qualified candidates that match the skills, work experience, certifications or location you need. 

Talent Communities

Unparalleled Candidate Management

Our award-winning Applicant Tracking Software is designed to give you one centralized location to collaborate with your hiring team and communicate with qualified candidates.

Unparalleled Candidate Tracking System

Recruiting Analytics

Easily track recruiting metrics, sources of applicants, and cost per hire trends. Take advantage of insightful pre-built reports, interactive dashboards, and drill-down capabilities to quickly analyze results by requisition, forecast time to hire, and optimize your hiring processes at every recruiting stage.
Recruiting Analytics

One-Click Background Checks

Just one click keeps your employees safe, your organization in compliance and your recruiting funnel free of bottlenecks.
One-Click Background Checks

Offer Letter Management

Create, approve, send and receive offers in a matter of clicks. Make it easy for your desired candidates to say yes to your offer quickly. Impress candidates with digital offer letters and speed up the acceptance process with electronic signatures.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software used by recruiters to manage job applications, store applicant information, source and screen candidates, communicate with candidates, and search past applicants. An ATS helps recruiters stay organized, keep track of candidates, and source from past candidates. 

Applicant Tracking Systems began as simple candidate databases and resume-parsing tools. While these basic ATS options are still available, a modern ATS is equipped with a wide variety of tools and features that make recruiters’ jobs easier and create a seamless candidate experience.

These are some of the tools today’s Applicant Tracking Systems offer:

  • Candidate stage tracking
  • Passive candidate sourcing 
  • Job board management
  • Integration with LinkedIn Recruiter 
  • Branded career sites and multi-org branding
  • Multilingual applications
  • Employee referral management
  • Mobile applications
  • Text-to-Apply
  • Candidate texting
  • Video interviewing
  • Interview scheduling, guides, and feedback tools
  • Recruiting analytics
  • Background checks and electronic document signing
  • Offer letter management

There are many options for an ATS on the market today, some of which are standalone and some of which are end-to-end talent management solutions. Standalone Applicant Tracking System solutions are highly specialized, with deep functionality in one area. These solutions can easily integrate with other software systems, because due to their narrow scope, you may need several system integrations.  


An end-to-end solution, in this case, talent management software, serves a wider range of functions in one system. All-in-one, cloud-based software streamlines talent management processes and increases data transparency. Human resources teams can manage the entire employee experience and lifecycle from one shared system. End-to-end solutions can also integrate with other applications to meet your company’s specific needs.

Here are some of the top features of ClearCompany’s ATS and their most significant benefits:

  • Advanced ClearText Suite: ClearCompany's Advanced ClearText Suite includes ClearText, Text-to-Apply, and Bulk Texting. ClearText enables recruiters to text job candidates, prompting a response rate nearly 50% higher and 60x faster than email. Text-to-Apply allows applicants to apply for open jobs in a few short messages, and ClearCompany clients see 3.5x more applicants and 4.2x faster hiring.
  • LinkedIn integrations: ClearCompany integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect and Apply Connect, syncing candidate data between the two systems and allowing candidates to apply without leaving LinkedIn.
  • Employee referral program management: Employee referrals are a favorite candidate source because hiring costs tend to be lower and referred candidates have higher retention rates. ClearCompany’s Referral Management feature makes it easy to implement this talent acquisition strategy at your organization.
  • Talent Communities: 48% of job seekers who a company did not hire still want to be considered for other positions. ClearCompany enables recruiters to build searchable Talent Communities where they can stay connected with those past applicants and reach out if a position opens up that matches their qualifications.

See our What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Guide for a comprehensive look at the features and benefits of an ATS.

Applicant Tracking Systems provide tools to help HR managers and teams save time, streamline processes, reach more potential candidates, consolidate recruiting data, improve communication, and more. ATS software gives HR the tools and insight they need to align HR and business strategy and demonstrate their value in the organization.

Using an ATS also helps HR teams build a seamless candidate experience with tools like ClearCompany’s Text-to-Apply, ClearText, and Mobile Apply. Those ATS mobile and text tools allow job seekers to apply quickly and recruiters to easily keep in touch with candidates.

The best ATS depends on a variety of factors, including your organization’s size, industry, hiring demands, and planned growth. It also depends on the needs of your organization, especially the HR team, recruiters, and hiring managers. Your ATS may be best-in-class or all-in-one; designed for large teams or tailored to a two-person department; created for specialized candidate sourcing or bulk seasonal hiring — or any combination of needs.


Use these steps before, during, and after your Applicant Tracking System purchase or upgrade:

Before ATS Purchase

  1. Define the goals of the Applicant Tracking System.
  2. Set a budget and project deadline or implementation date.
  3. List required vs. nice-to-have features.
  4. Make the case to leadership. 


During ATS Search

  1. Get client reviews, testimonials, and case studies for each ATS option.
  2. Consider business growth goals and product scalability.
  3. Refer back to your goals to stay on track.


After ATS Implementation

  1. Compare recruiting metrics to pre-ATS statistics. 
  2. Stay up-to-date on new features and product updates.

94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say their ATS positively impacts hiring processes at their organization. ATS software can help your recruiting and HR professionals automate time-consuming daily tasks, better organize candidate data, and reach a wider pool of candidates. It can also improve the candidate experience with shorter applications that are available via text message or on mobile devices.

The recruiting analytics ClearCompany’s ATS provides the insight HR teams need to understand the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruitment process and how they can best refine those processes.

"ClearCompany is very easy to use. The system allows you to set up new requisitions with ease, and in very little time, with a simple form. You can see all of your postings on a single screen, you can search candidates and older job posting if you need to, and the system allows you to transfer candidates from one posting to another if you feel they may be a better fit. It did not take me long at all to get used to the system."

Shulanda McBroom

Human Resources, GBS Building Supply