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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The easiest-to-use ATS software you'll find, powered by data from your top performers

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best applicant tracking system

Passive Candidate Sourcing

Your key to sourcing candidates, even if you don’t have a dedicated sourcing team. Reach more top talent and import social contact data directly into the ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System.

Passive Candidate Sourcing Screenshot

Job Board Management & Discounted Posting

Manage, streamline and report on all of your recruiting channels. And, our industry-leading partnerships with all of the top job boards mean you can purchase paid postings at a discounted rate.

Job Board Management & Discounted Posting screenshot

Beautifully Branded Career Sites

Your employer brand matters. Put your best foot forward with beautifully branded career sites that seamlessly feature all of your open requisitions.
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The Best Candidate Experience

We provide the best candidate experience available. Our flexible job application builder, modern interface, texting and video capabilities give your applicants the experience they deserve.
The Best Candidate Experience Screenshot

Multilingual Applications

Build job application processes in any language you need.
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Referral Management

Referrals are 5 times more likely to be hired. Empower your current employees with tools to send you top talent in their network.
Referral Management Screenshot

Mobile Apply

A majority of candidates across industries are looking for jobs on their mobile devices. Our Applicant Tracking System was built to provide a seamless mobile app experience so that you don’t lose a single qualified candidate.
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Video Interviewing

Collect pre-recorded video responses at any point before, after or during your application process.



Easily connect with job seekers 1-on-1 by text through our Applicant Tracking System to build rapport and momentum between candidates and your hiring team. Capture text conversations on the candidate's profile for a comprehensive view of all interactions.
ClearText Screenshot

Interview Scheduling

Save time by automating all the tedious tasks involved with interview scheduling. Our software lets you see everyone’s calendars at once and seamlessly coordinate interview lengths, formats and participants with just a few clicks. Send interview invitations, updates and reminders directly through the system to keep candidates and interviewers on track and eliminate the need for back and forth email communications.

Interview scheduling photo

Strategic Interview Guides

Give your hiring team the tools they need to ask the right questions with automatically customized questions for every role. Our mobile recruiting capabilities make it easy for hiring managers to pull up interview guides, candidate information and resumes right on their phones.
Interview Guides Screenshot

Interview Feedback

Customize scorecards and templates for each role or department, then easily collect consistent feedback on every candidate.
Interview Feedback Screenshot

Talent Communities

Leverage your existing ATS database to resurface and re-engage past qualified candidates who could be perfect fits for new job openings. Set search parameters to find qualified candidates that match the skills, work experience, certifications or location you need. 

Talent Pools Screenshot

Unparalleled Candidate Management

Our award-winning ATS design gives you one central location to collaborate with your hiring team and communicate with qualified candidates.
Unparalleled Candidate Management Screenshot

Recruiting Analytics

Tell your story with compelling reports that show your value to the organization.
Recruiting Analytics Screenshot

One-click Background Checks

Just one click keeps your employees safe, your organization in compliance and your recruiting funnel free of bottlenecks.
One-click Background Checks Screenshot

Offer Letter Management

Create, approve, send and receive offers in a matter of clicks.
Offer Letter Management Screenshot

Predictive Performance

Our automated reporting tools allow you to collect and leverage predictive performance data with no extra work.
Predictive Performance Screenshot

Quality of Hire

Use goal and competency data to see and understand how well your people are hiring within departments, offices or even individual roles.
Quality of Hire Screenshot


Best ATS ever!

"The software is very user-friendly. The system makes recruiting and keeping track of candidates so much more efficient. We've been able to reduce hiring time, customize certain items, and some of our end users have raved on how easy it is to navigate and complete the on-boarding packet."

5/5 Stars