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Intelligent Forms

The paperless or digital employee onboarding process brings the employee welcome experience into this century and makes your job easier.

No more whiteout, waiting on the mailman or printer jams. Our employee onboarding software takes HR technology into the cloud, eliminating printing and shipping costs and saving you time. Check out how Big Sky Resort went paperless with ClearCompany's employee onboarding software. Read Case Study.

  • Intelligent forms eliminate errors duplicate data entry
  • Take your onboarding process online with no disruption: choose from our robust forms library or let us build you custom forms to match your needs
  • Verified E-signatures and I-9 Management: Same as putting pen to paper

E-verify, WOTC and Background Checks

Stay compliant and on-task

Onboarding new employees can be a compliance-heavy process. Let us help you keep everything automated and in one place.

  • One-click background checks: Just one click keeps your employees safe, your organization in compliance and your employee onboarding process free of bottlenecks
  • E-Verify: Automatically and paperlessly determine eligibility within your onboarding packets. No need to manage a separate process
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits: Automate your claims and save time

Automated Workflows

Keep candidates, employees, new hires and managers all on the same page with these key features.

This talent management platform allows you to automate and track your employee onboarding process with easy deadlines and reminders for both new hires and your internal team.

  • Automated Notifications and Reminders: New Hires and staff receive notifications when tasks are assigned and reminders if they are overdue
  • Easy collaboration for review and approval: Anyone in any department can be given access to login and review or approve forms
  • Track internal tasks and forms under one roof - computer/desk setup, security badge, etc. All automated and paperless onboarding

Offer Letter Management

Manage offer letters with ease

Automate and track offer letter approval. No more knocking on doors for signatures!
  • Quickly generate contact lists for approval
  • Save templates for easy and frequent use
  • Automate sends and reminders, let the system do the heavy lifting for you
  • Allow candidates to sign offers from anywhere
  • Keep a record for future reference

Easy Reporting

Ensure your process is compliant, efficient and productive, with no extra effort

Find where your employee onboarding process works well and where it needs work with an intuitive and visual dashboard that shows every piece of the process.

  • Track the process: Visualize task and form completion in real-time with our dashboard
  • See and understand bottlenecks, then act on them

Beautiful, Easy to Use New Hire Portal

Put your best foot forward with new talent

Do you have a dedicated location for your new hires? Why not! They’re the key to your company’s future. Give them the experience they deserve with an area designed to get them up and running, faster.
  • Get new hires up and running faster - start the onboarding process before day one, then spend more time on the work that matters and less time supervising their paperwork
  • Branded portal reinforces your culture and employer brand before day one
  • Fool-proof process improves new hire productivity, eliminates errors and frustration

HRIS Integration

Go beyond hiring and onboarding with total integration to create an end-to-end system

An incredible platform means nothing if it doesn’t play nicely with your other business critical software. ClearCompany does.

  • We support full integration with down and upstream systems like HRIS/ERP/Background checks/Payroll and more
  • Cross-platform XML-RPC based APO for complete data access
  • Flat file/FTP batch transfers, XML feeds, custom interfaces and Single-Sign on for user authentication 

Performance Review Scheduling

Immediately schedule a new employee’s performance reviews

Onboarding a new hire doesn’t stop at the I-9. With our paperless onboarding software, you can take care of review scheduling before their first day.

  • Performance reviews can be scheduled from within a new hire onboarding process.
  • Automatically launch anniversary-based reviews from new hire start date
  • No matter how complex your performance workflow, ClearCompany Performance Management can handle it from day one
Employee Onboarding Software

Quality of Onboarding Reporting

Watch your newest hires get up to speed quickly

Our Quality of Onboarding report analyzes key metrics to provide you with an unparalleled look at how well your onboarding process is working, and how your new hires are performing.

  • Understand time-to-productivity for each new hire onboarded at your organization
  • Launch data collection automatically and immediately from a new hire packet
  • Benchmark performance and overall quality for your new hires against tenured employees

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