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Talent Management Platform for Education

A clear view for hiring our future.

Hiring for Education

Recruiting teachers doesn’t have to be fraught with worry around search committees, background checks, or diversity reporting with our recruiter software.

With ClearCompany for Education, a recruiter software and talent management platform, you can quickly and easily build the right processes around your organization. Whether you are hiring for preschool teachers and administrative staff or trying to select the right review process for pre-tenure professors, our recruiter software is the right recruiting solution.

teacher showing a student how to do something
a teacher and her students

With ClearCompany for Education, You Can:

  • Easily screen for the correct certifications and qualifications
  • Keep crucial documents at hand for EEO and other reporting purposes
  • Provide documentation on diversity initiatives
  • Improve performance with continuous, in-depth feedback 
  • Gain insight into what staff members need to improve semester over semester, year over year

What Our Clients in Education Say:

"Managers love the evaluation platform and the various features...

In a two person HR department we have eliminated so much paper and time consuming tasks. More streamlined recruiting, hiring managers and senior administration really like the platform and various features the system provides. Onboarding is so efficient and our new employees have liked being able to complete their paperwork online before they start on their first day. Managers love the evaluation platform and the various features that have made our performance evaluations more of a tool for development."

Strategic Technology Partners
Wendy Dodson, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Sandhills Community College

"Onboarding has saved my bacon..."

"I just have to tell you that this onboarding system has “saved my bacon” this hiring season! There is no way I would have been able to survive processing new hires the typical way…"


Jackie Little, SPHR, MSHRL HR Director
Lewiston Public Schools

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