Growmotely is a global contingent talent marketplace and payments platform. Through our exclusive partnership, ClearCompany customers have access up to 4x the candidates and the ability to make qualified hires at 40-70% lower payroll costs. Find, hire, and pay your global remote team in one place with Growmotely and ClearCompany.

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Global Contingent Hiring

Global contract work can be a valuable option for organizations to quickly access specialized talent and address specific project needs or short-term priorities, often at a lower cost. Global contractors are not considered full-time employees and they typically work on a fixed-term basis or for a specific project. This provides businesses with flexibility in managing their workforce and filling skills gaps.

Growmotely provides a candidate pool of over 30,000 experienced professionals from around the world, who are looking for meaningful work. With Growmotely’s remote hiring technology, you can hire your dream candidate who is aligned with your company’s values and culture.


How we work together

Access Growmotely directly from your ClearCompany recruiting platform. When you post your first job to Growmotely, an account and company profile will automatically be created for you, where users can edit job postings, manage applicants, view candidate profiles, and make hires.

Growmotely’s marketplace makes it easy for your team to find the right global contingent hires by auto-matching candidates to your open requisitions. There is no cost to posting a job requisition; payment for your Global Hires is based upon the contracted rate.


Growmotely’s Marketplace Professionals – Examples

Annah (South Africa) – Operations Manager

Monthly rate: $2,576 ($30,912 annually)

Michelle (Philippines) – Senior Financial Controller

Monthly rate: $1,750 ($21,000 annually)

Jacob (Romania) – Senior Software Engineer

Monthly rate: $4,508 ($54,096 annually)

Santi (Colombia) – Marketing Manager

Monthly rate: $2,100 ($25,200 annually)

Features that pair with ClearCompany

Growmotely makes finding, hiring and paying your global remote team easy.

Global Job Board

Post your job and reach thousands of candidates all over the globe.

Remote-first Applicant Tracking System

Manage your candidates in one place, designed exclusively for remote hiring.

Global Payments

There is no fee for posting job requisitions, no limit on the number of postings, and Growmotely will take care of your hire's pay.

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