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Talent Management System for Financial Services Recruiting

Hiring the best and brightest to stay at the top of the finance game.

Hiring for Financial Services

In financial services, you know what it means to need top talent. In financial services recruiting, your top talent needs to pass stringent background checks, have specific licenses and certifications, and a degree from just the right school.

Even if your hiring needs aren’t quite that strict, hiring for the financial services industry tends be a bit more complicated than most. ClearCompany was built to provide the reporting, forecasting and ease of use that your organization needs to find, hire and engage the right people. Ensure that your hiring managers only see candidates that are licensed and well-qualified with our financial services recruiting system.

See how ClearCompany helped MetaBank reduce administrative burden here

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With ClearCompany for Recruiting, You Can:

  • Use our tools to easily visualize your human capital allocation, make staffing changes and drive your bottom line
  • Acquire requisition approvals easily, and post jobs immediately upon approval
  • Tie business objectives and quarterly results to employee activity
  • Navigate the onboarding process with ease with our paperless module
  • Reduce paper-chasing and obtain signatures and approvals without knocking on doors

What Our Clients in Financial Services Say:

"The Rolls Royce of your industry..."

"The service level provided by ClearCompany is the Rolls Royce of your industry. I especially like the “Live Customer Support” function. I have experienced many other ATS systems in my career and when you can log into a live customer support function and express your concern online, that is going the extra mile in service. Of your new features, the enhanced search capability (similar to Monster’s) is user friendly and effective."


Alice Caban, Sr. Employment Specialist
PSCU Financial Services

"Our HR Manager made the comment...she didn’t know how we survived without it!"

"The ATS has been an exceptional help this recruiting season. Our HR Manager made a comment earlier this week stating that how she didn’t know how we survived without it!"


Loni Carr Human Resources Coordinator
Witt Mares

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