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Talent Management System for Skilled Labor Solutions

Find the skilled talent for your biggest projects.

Hiring for Skilled Labor

Hiring the right employees isn’t always easy, particularly when you are searching for top talent with a very specific expertise. ClearCompany's talent management platform has unique features and skilled labor solutions for employee recruitment designed to keep qualified, skilled tradespeople coming into your organization.

The candidate experience is streamlined and intuitive and keeps recruiters on top of applications as they come in, sorting and filtering according to skill level and specific trade or certification.

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With ClearCompany for Skilled Labor, You Can:

  • Keep candidates organized by skill set, location and managerial level with our employee recruitment software.
  • Decrease employee recruitment time for hard to fill positions using mobile sites and trade school referral management.
  • Easily and remotely manage your new hire onboarding process with our paperless system that goes anywhere your employees are.
  • Build repeatable, scalable processes you can distribute over multiple locations with ease.

What Our Clients in Skilled Labor Say:

"A great ATS for small-mid size companies..."

"I like ability to upload resumes and applications. Our industry is very unique and we receive a lot of walk in applications. A few clicks and the walk-in application is easily uploaded for tracking purposes."


Strategic Technology Partners
Roadsafe Traffic Systems, Inc

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See first-hand how ClearCompany can help you hire for the Skilled Labor industry.