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Talent Management System for Non-Profit Recruiting

Don’t waste your budget on an overblown system.

Hiring for Non-Profits

ClearCompany is committed to giving back. We not only provide mission-based, non-profit recruiting solutions for hundreds of non-profit organizations, but also stand behind our commitment with discounts and contributions to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations.

With a talent management system designed to help you visualize and forecast your non-profit recruiting needs, you never need to worry about scrambling to find the perfect new team member to further the next initiative. Transparent views provide every department with an understanding of company progress, while allowing them to share their unique vantage point.

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With ClearCompany for Non-Profit Recruiting You Can:

  • Easily access standard and customized reporting for EEO/OFCCP compliance
  • Save time and money by taking your onboarding process paperless
  • Filter candidates according to skill level and type of worker
  • Ensure that important documents are always in the correct place
  • Refine your recruitment marketing plan - quickly and easily run reports to understand source performance
  • Get the word out about your jobs with social sharing tools and a mobile career site
  • Build processes that scale and change with your organization
    Receive discounts as a 501(c)(3) organization

What Our Clients Say:

"The support you receive from ClearCompany is amazing."

"The support you receive from ClearCompany is amazing. They have a lot of follow up, and even better follow through on my questions and suggestions to improve the system."

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Mina Pavlovic, Talent Acquisition Manager
Medulla LLC

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