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Talent Management System for Healthcare Recruitment 

You hire the people who take care of our health.

Hiring for Healthcare

ClearCompany's Healthcare Recruitment Solutions were created to make healthcare hiring as simple and as intuitive as possible, while helping healthcare recruiting teams screen and reference check efficiently and effectively. ClearCompany’s Healthcare Recruiting Software was created with the healthcare organization in mind.

From a mobile optimized candidate experience to reach an on-the-go talent pool, to specific documentation for contingent or contract workers, ClearCompany for Healthcare makes hiring for healthcare and medical facilities a faster, easier and more enjoyable experience.

doctors looking at x-rays

With ClearCompany for Healthcare Recruitment, You Can:

  • Easily screen and organize candidates for the correct certifications and qualifications with our healthcare recruiting solutions.
  • Decrease your time-to-hire for hard to fill positions with best-in-class candidate portals, mobile sites, social sharing tools and referral management.
  • Hire and onboard employees in multiple clinic locations with our cloud-based, paperless system.
  • Build repeatable, scalable processes to further shorten the recruitment and training cycle.
  • Create transparent and accurate reporting to stay in compliance.

What Our Clients in Healthcare Say:

"The support you receive from ClearCompany is amazing."

"The support you receive from ClearCompany is amazing. They have a lot of follow up, and even better follow through on my questions and suggestions to improve the system."

Strategic Technology Partners
Mina Pavlovic, Talent Acquisition Manager
Medulla LLC

"I LOVE this Applicant Tracking program!"

"Just wanted to let you know I LOVE this Applicant Tracking program! I really believe it will make a difference in our applicant flow. I am really interested in turning on the part of the program that allows Managers to start the requisition process. This system is really very easy to implement."

Mary Braddock, MBA, PHR Director, Human Resources
Palo Pinto General Hospital

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