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I need to help my team see their purpose.

ClearCompany shows you where your team is focused so you can keep them aligned to their goals.  


ClearCompany is for Managers

Managers are crucial in translating corporate strategy into actionable objectives for their employees, and helping them to concentrate on the work that matters most. With goal tracking software, ClearCompany will help you to define peoples’ responsibilities more effectively and coach employees to higher levels of performance.

  • Make alignment clear: Hire, engage, and retain the best employees by showing them how their work helps drive the company’s strategy.
  • See without micro-managing: User-friendly status updates and task management make it easy to see how your employees are spending their time without being intrusive.
  • Communicate your needs to senior management: Show department heads, VPs, and C-level executives how each member of your team contributes to their goals through team goal tracking software, and how new hires would help to meet, exceed, or realign a critical project.
  • Recognize and inspire: Motivate and engage your team by making their great work visible throughout the company.